Hello Friends Podcast #1 -Introductions.

Podcast #1 “Introductions.” _

Our first podcast is done. Beezy and Matt talk about their favorite types of music, play some dope tracks, and ramble on a little too long.

DOWNLOAD HERE! (right click to download)

This is a work in progress. The blog, the podcast, everything about it. You will see lots of changes in the next couple weeks while we sort out technical stuff, and blog design.

Please Let us know how we can make this better. Shorter?  Longer? More Music? Anything Else? Just let us know. I have already learned not to podcast when I am excited and have a huge grin on my face (the election), and I say “actually” way too much.


or leave a comment.


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10 Responses to Hello Friends Podcast #1 -Introductions.

  1. outobol says:

    my favorite thing on the internet, two songs in. Beezy Brian Eno rules.

  2. outobol says:

    Very enjoyable. I actually enjoyed the talking quite a bit, you dudes know your shit when you are talking about the music and have a great rapport.

    Matt give us the deep cuts that you like and let Beezy hate on them if he will as with the disco, don’t try to play him shit he may like. Quintron has way better jams than that.

    Great show, you could make it longer.

  3. sam says:

    great job!!!!!

  4. Ryan says:

    I’m enjoying this.

  5. matt p's mom says:

    yeah, matt – I heard it all!! “swears galore” – but interesting mix. keep at it… hi, beezy.

  6. sarah s s says:

    i just want to dance, that’s all. pretty good. can you talk with some accents though?

  7. Brother Weeks, it’s The Apolitical Party. I appreciate the link though!

    I am pumped about this podcast. Get it on Itunes, so I can always stay informed.

  8. Okay, I definitely think you guys should play up your divergent tastes. You two almost come off as a “good cop, bad cop” routines; obviously, with crabby ass Weeks as the bad cop.

    Also, I think it’s funny that Weeks loves the hard stuff, but also loves the weird Buck 65. I do too, but it’s just funny, because I also liked every song that Matt played. The Brian Eno track wasn’t my favorite by him, but I’m an overall fan of him. The bluesy-twangy track was my least appreciated piece, but I thought it was still fun for what it was.

    Okay, I’ve spoken too much. Keep it up… maybe you can get some guests to come on your show from time to time to join you too. Sky’s the limit, gentleman.

  9. jippel says:

    bad ass ass bad bad come on!

    this rules – keep it comin

  10. justinsweeks says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

    Sarah- The accents? no. We tried and we suck. We are already embarrassing ourselves enough here…

    Hi Matts mom!

    GAM-Thanks for stopping though. We appreciate the encouragement. And I am afraid you will realize the breadth and depth of my likes that are 1) embarrassing and 2) nonsensical.


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