Episode #2 – More Introductions


We are back and on time with our second podcast. In this episode we play more general stuff we like and bicker about disco (without disco-matt p) (except, with disco cause its the third song played-beezy). We would like to thank all the listeners and everyone who left a comment, we appreciate you making the first episode exceed our expectations

Download Episode #2 Here! (right click to download, or listen to it in a new browser window)

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Listen to the podcast and then watch this video

Johnny Rotten’s Butter Commercial

AIRTO Cover….Monster right? (see the full size here)

-Beezy & Local DJ Matt P-

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5 Responses to Episode #2 – More Introductions

  1. another great show, guys!

    You have me going through my records now. Detroit Emeralds, Arthur Brown… nice.

    I gather better things are to come, so I’ll just microblog about this place until you guys get real official.

  2. sam says:

    awesome again. can you guys post your playlist pretty please?

  3. justinsweeks says:

    Sure Sam, We will post the playlist in a day or two.


  4. sarah s s says:

    oh lord! 2 songs in and this is IT for the night. thank you, the slumber party can commence (two 3 yr olds are getting down, too). 2nd to none is the jam of the night. props! props!

  5. justinsweeks says:

    Sarah! Glad you like the song! Also, really good to hear about the young kids! I know my son likes to get down to a good jam.


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