Episode #3 -The First Grand Rapids Episode

Episode #3 -The First Grand Rapids Episode!


1/2 of the Hello Friends Podcast team really really really likes Grand Rapids, the other half is just ok with it. So we combined forces and did an episode dedicated to Grand Rapids. We run through shout outs, music from Grand Rapids, and music recorded near Grand Rapids. This one runs a little long (about an 1 1/2 hrs!), so please bear with us.

As Always, thanks for listening, thanks for the comments and support!

Playlist will be posted in a couple of days.

After the jump is all the extras we promised you.

The Great Daryl Nathan

LSDudes 7-11

David Liebe Hart

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17 Responses to Episode #3 -The First Grand Rapids Episode

  1. outobol says:

    great show! I believe it was LA the Darkman who coined the term Gun Ru and I believe it is LA not L.A.

    I want to go out of town so I can have fun!

  2. I am just starting to listen. ROFL @ the mustache comment. Well played, Beezy!

    To paraphrase M.I.A. “Where were you in [two-thousand-six ]?”

  3. justinsweeks says:

    Outobol says “I want to go out of town so I can have fun!”

    It really sounds like a lot of fun. I had no idea going out of town was so much fun.

  4. Isn’t Cadillac Records the movie casting Beyonce as Etta James? If so, FAIL.

  5. justinsweeks says:

    at Brother G.A.M. – Yeah it is, but overall it looks pretty good!

  6. Okay, this was the best one yet. They say that the first 4-5 podcasts are going to suck. Well, I’m very intrigued by how you’ll develop by then.

    Now… I would wonder if people would be bothered by the amount of talking you guys do. I like, but I know Weeks and Matt seems like a cool dude. He’s yet to not like any song that’s been played. LOL

    Anyway, good job fellas. You’re doing a good job of showing G. Rap’s got cultured individuals. Listening to this podcast, I would not be as afraid to move there now. I still wouldn’t move there though.

  7. Ugh… I should really proofread better. My grammar and typos on the latest comment was kind of bogus. I barely understand what I was trying to say.


  8. Jef Leppard says:

    Great show guys. I have some video gems in my archives of both Rob S. and The Nathan that I will hopefully be getting online soon if there’s some interest.
    Incidentally, the Daryl Nathan myspace is not actually run by Daryl himself, but a fan.

  9. Gabe says:

    “That band appeared on the episode “Shinrock A Go Go” airing late in 1965 in the 65-66 season. The group was the Beau Brummels (Beau Brummelstones) and the song they sang was “Laugh Laugh” a Top 20 hit nearly a year earlier in January 1965 peaking at number 15.


  10. justinsweeks says:

    Gabe coming through with the research!

    Actually I was thinking of the Way Outs…

    but yours is more spot on.

  11. citymotivator says:


    I know I for sure want to see more of Daryl. If you get a chance please put more videos up online.

    I’m glad you shared a bit of the story behind that unreleased EP with me. I hope people love “Out of Town” as much as I do. And thanks for the tip about the Great Daryl Nathan myspace page! Do you know who runs it?

  12. Jef Leppard says:

    Not sure who runs the myspace exactly. They wrote to me when I was sending out bulletins promoting Daryl getting on BET. I thought it might be somebody from the Wyoming area because they mentioned “Krazy Kelly” on the page. She was a personality on the Wyoming public access in the late 90s and I thought there might be a connection because Daryl was doing some shows over there for a bit after he left GRTV.

  13. Jef Leppard says:

    Alright, here’s “I Sell Rock” by Robert S. from 1993. He was going by the name “Fox” back then.


    This tape was actually discovered by George Wietor when we were in the CMC basement. That place is filled with unorganized tapes going back through all of GRTVs existence and there’s definitely some awesome finds down there for anybody that’s interested in the history of GR.
    I had gone mining for Robert S. stuff before and didn’t find anything but George casually reaches up and pulls a tape down off a shelf, “Hey what’s this?”
    Great stuff. Looks like some of it was even shot on film.

  14. justinsweeks says:

    HOLY SHIT! Amazing! Thank you! Thank You!

  15. sam says:

    that daryl nathan tune was sick!!!!! and just so its known… party favorites live = probably one of the best things in grand rapids.

  16. Kevbot says:

    Regarding the Robert S song, the only thing that sounded familiar to me was the part where he rapped “cause I’m from Motown”. Kaos and Mystro sampled that for the song “Mystro On The Flex”. (Kaos and Mystro were a Detroit rap group that released a full-length album “Outcast Vol. 1” in 1989.)

    It took me awhile to figure it out and track it down… I thought that it might have been on Awesome Dre’s first album, or EZB & DJ Los’ album, or maybe something from Esham? And all that I remembered was hearing the “cause I’m from Motown” sample sped up.

    Here’s a link to the song “Mystro On The Flex”. The Robert S part is during the scratch breakdown around 1:10. Also, peep the tempo switch-up around 2:45.

  17. Anthony says:

    The liner notes on La The Darkman’s album “Heist of the Century” feature a shout out to B&E! The liquor store where all the kids at Ottawa cop their booze.

    Sidenote- I was like 19 before I realized that B&E stood for Burton & Eastern.

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