Episode #4 – Thanksgiving Jams

Episode #4 – Thanksgiving Jams

DOWNLOAD EPISODE HERE! (right click to download)

After our “Saturday Night Jam” on 88.1 Wyce, we just wanted to jam some more. Besides, it is a holiday! Get your drink and dance on to this!

My Advice is to get your friends and family, throw on this podcast and recreate this awesomeness (clothes, hairdos and all).


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12 Responses to Episode #4 – Thanksgiving Jams

  1. Chloe Lauer says:

    Thanks so much Matt!
    Great to be connected with you via FB.
    Happy Thanksgiving….

  2. sarah s s says:

    OK! OOOOOHH KAAAAAAAY! this jazzed up my sunday like what!

    the kids on da jit video tore it up! i’m taking notes.

  3. sarah s s says:

    waittttt, ass and titties? awwwww shit.

    it’s cool. i’m still with it, ya’ll.

  4. justinsweeks says:


    You know you like that shit!

  5. Kevin "Waterbed" Kev says:

    In 2009, I’m seriously hoping that the B-More and electro pop mashup stuff doesn’t go too rave-y. I’ve been hearing things on other blogs over the last couple of months that have me a little worried. The cheesy techno rave keyboard sounds are starting to make a come back. I listened to some of that shiit back in 1990-1993, and it just sounds horrible/dated today. Brother K says “yuck”!

  6. I think new character developments are forming. Matt stays up on the new musics (Kid Sister, Estelle); Justin is seemingly diehard about the classic jams.

    @Brother K… what it do doe, buddy. I just came across that Robert S just the other day. I will post it shortly for all those to partake. I have a plastic USB turntable and I want to see how crappy it sounds.

    and fellas, I think the appeal is more in the discussion of the music, but this jam dropping session was cool. It would have even been better if you guys actually did some mixing. *hint hint*

    Whatever happened to Brother K joining the fray?

  7. justinsweeks says:

    @ GAM —- The old jams are where its at!

    You got Robert S “Dont Diss Me”?

    This episode was a one-off thing, we just wanted to play jams, and we really werent prepared to talk about them.

    Mixing? No. Too much work for a podcast. Deal with it.

  8. No, I got… shit, I have to go pull it out. I just tripped over it while looking for muses for some new raps I was writing.

    Almost done with podcast, and I can say… from listening to recent mixes of touring DJs, I can say that “rave-y” is starting to trend. @Kevin “Waterbed” Kev

    This one was solid all the same, one off or not!

  9. Last thing, kudos to Matt on the Phoenix track. You show true qualities of a tastemaking DJ. I bet white girls love this song when they hear it; even though, they are clueless since it hasn’t blown up by being played on an episode of The Hills on MTV. White girls make the dance floors go crazay, at least the clubs where I want to DJ anyway!
    Seriously, release a mix and make sure said song is on it. I’ll let the internets know you’re the man.

  10. sarah s s says:

    Brother G.A.M. you better watch out. this white girl loves that jam and she knows at least a fair amount of boom bip shit. I will challenge you to dance off, goddamn it.

  11. justinsweeks says:

    these sound like dancefighting words!

  12. sarah 2s… I accept your challenge and hope you enjoy humble pie, because Brother G.A.M. knows more than a fair share of boom bip and used to be a dancer for Weeks’ imaginary rap group back in ’89.

    All the same, my comment to Matt was truly one of appreciation (read: no diss involved). I know it’s not Justin’s thing, but I dig it wholeheartedly.

    I’ll see you at the roller rink, sarah s s s s.

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