Thanksgiving Jam Tracklist & Dance Videos!


Pied Piper of Funkingham- Blow Some Funk This Way

ESG- The Beat

Ronnie Hudson- West Coast Poplock

Kid Sister- Pro Nails (Bag Raiders Mix)

Zapp- More Bounce to the Ounce

The Human Body- Make You Shake It

Estelle feat. Kanye- American Boy

???- Salt Pepper Ketchup and Hot Sauce

DJ Assault- Ass N’ Tittes

Diplo/ Hollertonix- some track from one of the Thick Jawns mixes

M.I.A.- XR2

Girl and a Gun- Electro Glam (Norrit Remix)

Spank Rock- Backyard Betty

Adam Tensta- Before You Know It (Phunk 2 Remix)

Pheonix- If I Ever Feel Better

Check out the rest of this post (after the jump) for more info on B-More Club, Ghettotech and even Chicago’s Juke.  It’s time to get your learn on!

There are many regional raw urban dance music styles out there, but my two favorites bar none are Ghettotech and B-More Club.  Here are some videos that highlight the music and dances of these two genres as well as the lesser known Juke music from Chicago.

XLR8R Interview w/ DJ Godfather about Ghettotech.  Also features Chicago DJs talking about Juke.


The Jit (this video features some great dancing, but more rave-y music. Kev “Waterbed” Kev warned us this was coming).


The Juke

BALTIMORE CLUB- B-More Club has a number of named dances (not all originally from Baltimore), check out the few I know about.

The Sponge Bob

The Wu Tang (originally from Philly)

Swing Dat Shit (originally from Newark, New Jersey)

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