Podcast #5 – MC Breed and other dead people.

As many of you know, MC Breed died Nov 22, 2008. This podcast is a tribute of sorts to him. Beezy plays some of his favorite songs and yaps about stuff he might not be 100% correct about.

City Motivator plays songs from some people who died to early.

All around sad. And it is our longest podcast yet! I hope you can last.

There was another musical loss today that we didn’t get to cover. ODETTA. I almost bought an Odetta record while in ann arbor recently. Odetta in Japan.

GET THE PODCAST HERE! (right click to download)

Look at lots of pics and watch lots of videos after the jump!

Breed and Pac in Flint

Breed and the DOC

The Best of MC Breed (Half Hour Special)

Just Kickin It

Gotta GEt Mine

Late Night Creep

Too Short, Rappin 4-tay & MC Breed

Weird version of Aint No Future in Your Frontin


Aint No Future In Your Frontin’


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8 Responses to Podcast #5 – MC Breed and other dead people.

  1. Kevbot says:

    I’ve only liked two 2Pac songs, and one of them was “Gotta Get Mine” with MC Breed. (The other was “I Get Around”). I hated a lot of Flint rap back in the day, but Breed’s “Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin” was one of the exceptions. Unlike most Flint rap, that song was actually good enough to compete on a national-level.

    I really liked the Minnie Ripperton and Sam Cooke songs. And I also liked the Dinosaur “Kiss Me Again” song. Unlike Beezy, I likes me some disco. Speaking of Arthur Russell, I also like “Go Bang! #5” and “Is It All Over My Face”.

    I also liked the Sparks track from the first podcast–at least the first 3-4 minutes–I don’t like the song when the tempo picks up. The first 3-4 minutes sounds like it could’ve been made today. It sounds like the sort of song that Architecture In Helsinki or Klaxons would make, and then somebody like Justice would do a remix of it and it would get thrown up on all of the blogs (Palms Out Sounds, etc.).

  2. ROFL @ Weeks wearing Locs.

  3. justinsweeks says:

    @ kevbot. I told you not to listen……..

    @ GAM. I used to be gangsta. Ask somebody.

  4. citymotivator says:

    I’m glad you liked some of the stuff I’ve been playing Kevbot. I’m glad someone has my back on the Disco. Speaking of Arthur Russell, I still haven’t heard “Go Bang.” I do however really like “Is it All Over My Face.”

    Have you heard anything else from Sparks? (specifically from the album “No 1 Song in Heaven”?) They are a favorite band of mine so I will definitely play more from them on the podcast.

  5. Kevbot says:

    @ citymotivator. This was my first time hearing anything from Sparks, so thanks for the schoolin’ and sharin’. I have not heard anything else from Sparks.

    Here’s a link to “Go Bang! #5”:

    This song was sampled big time by Todd Terry and other house/hip hop groups in the late 80s. Especially the “bango, bang bango, bango” part and the “I wanna go bang!” part…

    And for Beezy, the best part about the song is that there’s no violin/string section!!! Just lovely keys and nice a horn section!

  6. justinsweeks says:

    Go bang aint to bad, just too long.

    Just not as good as Underground Slang.

  7. sarah s s says:

    slightly lame, but… i somehow felt the need to mention that the first time i heard mc breed: 10th grade, back seat, riding around with my girls in broke ride in downtown toledo. one of my friends (the driver) was dating a fella who was spoken for, and while we were stopped at a red light, this fella’s woman jumps out of her car and hits my friend in the face with a crowbar! we had been having the windows down all night before this, and cranked breed and special ed all night. until my friend’s face bled.

    man. i am old as hell. my shit is getting stale now.

  8. justinsweeks says:

    Sarah, love the story. Why? Here is why;

    1: That is some gully shit. I saw something like that go down, except my friend was hitting random people with a hammer.

    2: Toledo is the Flint of Ohio, so it was like you were listening to MC Breed in Flint. Nice.

    3: This sentence, out of context, sounds awesome; “cranked breed and special ed all night. until my friend’s face bled.”

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