Roger Troutman is one of my gods

EDIT: I posted a Stevie video on accident! Thanks Kevtron!


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4 Responses to Roger Troutman is one of my gods

  1. Kevtron 3030 says:

    Not to be an internet nerd, but I don’t get it… That’s Stevie Wonder in the video, right? Am I missing something? Roger Troutman?

  2. justinsweeks says:

    whoa! Good looks Kevtron 3030(your names are cracking me up!). I posted the wrong video. I planned on posting that stevie video in a later post. I posted it instead of the Troutman video I was going to play.



  3. Kevtron 3030 says:

    I’m hip to Zapp & Roger, but all I can think of right now is Snoop Dogg’s “Sensual Seduction” video. Ha!

    Is anyone out there hip to Chromeo? They had a buzz going about a year ago with their 80’s sound. They also had a couple of underground jammie jams (“Tenderoni”, “Needy Girl”, “Bonafied Lovin”, & “Fancy Footwork”). They’re pretty much the only ones nowadays really bringing it with the Troutman-talkbox vibe.

    Here’s a clip of them doing “Tenderoni” at Daryl Hall’s crib:

    And here’s another clip of them doing Hall & Oates’ “Family Man”:

  4. Kevtron:
    Chromeo still has a strong buzz, due to the hipster set accepting them as “ironic” gold. I’m sure you know DJ A-Trak is the keyboard player’s brother, so the hipster connection is deep. At least the fellers are talented.

    I don’t think there’s enough focus on the oomph in the production of their songs. They all sound really thin and under-produced, so I have never really gotten into them. I’d see them live though to see the white girls go kerazy!

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