Episode #6 -Overshadowing City Motivator

Its a little late, but still on Thursday.

In this episode we  play songs we like. Its not any more difficult than that.  Although, this is a good episode (it redeems us from that stinker last week).


EPISODE 6 – Overshadowing City Motivator


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8 Responses to Episode #6 -Overshadowing City Motivator

  1. sarah s s says:

    too much avant garde shit here, fellas.
    just kidding ya’ll. count me in.
    i don’t know if this is tom cora or what (i’m in the middle of this song), but this cello music is getting played 2 or 3 times tonight. good move, beezy.

  2. And this is my favorite song off that Raphael Saadiq record:
    or http://www.divshare.com/download/5268343-0b0

  3. ROFLMAO @ the discussion of the “sexiness” of the name Raphael Saadiq

  4. justinsweeks says:

    @ Sarah – Yeah, that cello track is soo nice!

    @ Gam – It really is hard to pick a fave song from the Saadiq joint.

  5. Kevin says:

    TC is a Drum & Bass DJ/producer from Bristol. He’s not too big in the D&B world, but heads in the scene know about him. “Where’s My Money?” was originally a Drum & Bass song, but the Dubstep remix by Caspa was the one that blew up in England a few months ago. The Caspa remix was actually getting daytime radio play(!) on BBC Radio 1 for a couple of weeks.

    What is sort of special about the Caspa remix is that this is the first time a Dubstep remix has become more popular than the original D&B version. There have been D&B remixes of Dubstep songs in the past (that were more popular than the original Dubstep version), but this is the first time that the Dubstep version was “better”…

    To be honest, don’t like Dubstep. I’m just not feelin’ it. The majority of it is boring to listen to. But, every once and awhile, I’ll hear a track like this and bug the fuuck out! When shiit is bangin’, it’s hard for me to deny it…

    I used to think that Dubstep was a stripped-down, bastardized version of Drum & Bass, but I’ve recently learned about its actual roots. It began developing in England around 1999-2000, but only started to become “the latest & greatest thing” in the last couple of years. It is actually a combination of the beat syncopations and basslines of Garage/2-Step, and the dark mood of UK Grime. In fact, Dubstep is half the tempo of Grime/2-Step. Dubstep is typically around the 65-70BPM range, and Grime/2-Step is typically around the 135-140BPM range.

    There are clubs all over England now that have entire nights where the only thing they play is Dubstep stuff like Caspa’s remix. And Dubstep has been getting some love on BBC Radio 1 (Mary Anne Hobbs’ show, Annie Mac’s show, etc.). For many years, the Dubstep scene was very underground and was a “boys only” club, but recently more and more women in England are getting into the music, showing up at the club nights, DJing it, etc. For the most part, though, it is still an “underground scene” (but at least it is no longer a sausage fest).

  6. Kevin says:

    I forgot… The question shouldn’t be “Who’s TC?” It should’ve been “Who’s Caspa?” Caspa is one of the “big name” DJ/producers in Dubstep right now. Others are dudes like Benga, Skream, and Kode 9. Do searches on any of those names to hear some more examples of Dubstep.

    Also, I forgot to mention that although Drum & Bass and Dubstep are not directly related, they are very similar when it comes to their live DJ sets. Both genres utilize the hype man/Reggae MC whenever the DJs are doing live sets. If you go to see a Dubstep DJ in England, or a D&B DJ in England, you’re rest assured that you’ll be hearing some faux-Jamaican dude chanting and rapping on the mic all night long…

  7. justinsweeks says:

    Kevin, Thanks for the info!

    I remember hearing that TC “Wheres My money (Caspa remix)” on Fabios charts, although they played just a second of it. The remix doesn’t feel like drum and bass though, and like you said, it is dubstep, so I wonder why it is on the charts.

    I remember seeing Two Step creep its way into the bins at Record time. I also remember not liking any of it. But I looked up Skream and I am feelin that shit Should I give dubstep a shot then?

    laughing at sausage fest.

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