“City Motivator Overshadowed” Tracklist and Bonus Materials

I don’t think I was really THAT overshadowed by Beezy’s tracks this week, but he did come correct with some really diverse and dope tracks.  Check out the tracklist below and a few extra bonus nuggets after the jump.

And make sure to be back here Thursday for our amazing(ly filthy) X-Mas podcast!

-City Motivator

The Tracks:

Living Colour- Cult of Personality

Hex Dispensers- Forest Ray Colson

TC- Where’s My Money? (Caspa Dubstep Remix)

Solex- Comely Row

Chloe Martin- Life Race

Raphael Saddiq- 100 Yard Dash

Zoe Keating- Untitled

White Williams- New Violence

Cenobites feat. Cage- Hot Crib Promo

Cookie Crew- Born This Way (Prince Paul Dope Mix)


The story of Forest Ray Colson (The Man from Mars) is told here in a 1951 issue of Time Magazine and here by the San Gabriel Police Department who have his outfit on display in their offices.  The only picture I could find of the Man From Mars is from the sleeve for the Hex Dispenser’s split 7″ with Haunted George.

Cover of "Forest Ray Colson's Pile of Meat" 7" featuring a photo of the Man From Mars' outfit.

Cover of "Forest Ray Colson's Pile of Meat" 7" featuring a photo of the Man From Mars' outfit.


Here is the OG track “Where’s My Money” by TC.

Very Drum and Bass.  I like the Caspa remix way more.  The whole Dubstep world is opening for me so here are a couple other things I am digging on after a few minutes of looking on Youtube:

Caspa- The Terminator

Skream- Superfly (The video is crazy awesome!)


Beezy thinks you will not enjoy watching this video, but I will leave it up to you.  This is Zoe Keating playing her song Tetrishead in much the same way she played the song Untitled featured in the podcast.


I like a few other tracks on Cookie Crew‘s album Born This Way but Beezy has no time for them.  Wikipedia says they produced what is considered the first Hip House track so that may have something to do with the Beez’s dislike.

Here is a video remix blending the video for Missy Elliott’s unforgetable track Lose Control with the video for Cookie Crew’s hit Keep On which features the legendary Edwin Starr singing a line from his classic 25 Miles.

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4 Responses to “City Motivator Overshadowed” Tracklist and Bonus Materials

  1. justinsweeks says:

    I hate Hip House!!!!! And I dont even know what to think about that Missy/Cookie crew “mashup” video.

    Good looks on those Dubstep videos.

    That “Wheres my money” drum and bass version cant touch the caspa remix!


  2. Kevin (James a.k.a. Paul Blart: Mall Cop) says:

    I was into Hip House big time back in 1988-1991. It was like every single rap album from that era had to have the obligatory Hip House track on it. I was into it all… from the more popular stuff like Snap & Jungle Brothers, to the more underground stuff put out on Chicago’s DJ International label (i.e., Fast Eddie, Tyree Cooper, Kool Rock Steady, etc.)

    I hate that old Hip House shiit nowadays. But I have to admit, I still get that nostalgic-feeling whenever I hear a certain Hip House song that I haven’t heard in 20 years… but then it will be another 20 years before I’ll ever want to hear that song again, so, yeah…

    I was also into New Jack Swing during that same era. And I can’t stand that old style of R&B nowadays either. I cringe whenever I hear one of those songs played on the radio or in a store. Then again, I sometimes get a little nostalgic over some of the songs, but then I very quickly never want to hear them again!

    Does anyone ever have experiences with music like that? Or am I just crazy?

    Speaking of crazy, that Cookie Monster stuff on the Prince Paul remix is hilarious. Only Prince Paul could’ve done something like that back then.

  3. citymotivator says:

    @ Beezy- Yeah the OG of “Where’s My Money” doesn’t have the punch of Caspa’s remix. Which is really saying something since the OG is so much faster.

    @ Kevin- The only kind of music that I have a nostalgic/repulsed reaction to is Christian music which is what I listened to early in my high school years. I never want to listen to those songs (for obvious reasons) but when I happen to hear one it is familiar and reminds me of my life a long time ago.

    I don’t know what is worse, Christian music or Hip House…

  4. justinsweeks says:

    @Kevin – The cookie monster samples were dope! and funny as hell!

    I get nostalgic for music, but I usually still like it. I generally dont like bad music though.

    I wasnt into the New Jack Swing then, gangster rap warned me not to be. I heeded the warning.

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