Episode 8: Getting Our Podcast Legs Back

Welcome back Friends!

As promised you can now check us out at just plain old hellofriendspodcast.com No more .wordpress necessary.

Well, it’s been a few weeks and it shows.  We are a little slow in recovering from the holidays and ramble on and on about studying abroad, Portuguese pronounciations, Jewish rappers and beautiful packages.  And play some music that we jammed to over the break.  In actuality we listened to a whole bunch of Dubstep but we are saving that for a special engagement.  You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out more about that.

And after you listen to Episode 8, this photo I took on the streets of Grand Rapids will make more sense too.  Eat it Beezy!


download Episode 8!

-City Motivator

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3 Responses to Episode 8: Getting Our Podcast Legs Back

  1. Kevin says:

    That Wings song “Nineteen Hunder And Eighty Five” is awesome! I never heard it before until this podcast, but it feels like I’ve heard it before… you know? It’s got so many familiar elements in it. And then there’s that synth that is just chillin’ in the background the entire song, until it comes in loud and clear at the end (during the song’s climax).

    You guys played Chase & Status on this podcast… cudos! 2008 was definitely their year. Without any question, they released the best Drum & Bass album of 2008, titled “More Than A Lot”:

    Three of the songs from that album hit #1 on the BBC Radio 1 D&B charts and stayed there for weeks (“Take Me Away”, “Pieces”, & “Streetlife”). And I’ve heard all but three of the songs off of the album getting play on BBC Radio 1.

    “Pieces” (the one that you guys played) was the one that got daytime radio play, and is the most accessible to non-D&B listeners. I had mixed feelings about this song for a very long time because of the guitar/singing parts, but it eventually grew on me. I don’t mind it anymore.

    The song “Take Me Away” was the one that stayed #1 on the BBC Radio 1 D&B charts longer and for more weeks than any other D&B song before it. I think they still hold that title.

    This is NOT your typical D&B album (with one or two strong songs, and then a bunch of monotonous throwaway D&B tracks.) They do many other styles of music on this album (dubstep, hip hop, etc.), and they do them so well that you wouldn’t know that they’re mainly known for D&B.

    “Against All Odds” is a super dope rap song (it’s got that old school b-boy break feel to it), “Eastern Jam” is a dubstep stormer, “Running” is a weird mashup electro-house/dubstep song, and “Smash Up” is an experimental D&B-hybrid reminscent of Sub Focus’ “Timewarp” track.

    SIDE BAR: Sub Focus’ “Timewarp” track spent many many weeks in 2008 at #1 on the BBC Radio 1 D&B charts. What is most astonishing about “Timewarp” (besides the beat syncopation being very “experimental” for D&B) is that this hard ass song actually got daytime radio play!!! This song is dark and ugly, but it’s a killler. Check it out:

    OK, back to Chase & Status. I think Fabio said it best… that “More Than A Lot” is a very urban/street album. Most D&B nowadays is very tech-y and ugly, but this one has soul.

    Besides the album, you guys will need one more song. This was the B-side to the “Take Me Away” single, a banger called “Judgement (Informer)”. This is a harder ragga-jungle track that got some play on some of the late night Radio 1 & 1Xtra mix shows:

  2. justinsweeks says:

    Kevin sir,

    You always leave soo much info that I dont really know where to begin. I cant thank you enough.

    That Chase and Status album has grown on me immensely. After listening to the Fabio and Grooverider shows, I see that 2008 was a great year for DNB.

  3. Kevin says:

    I love that Q-Tip “Gettin’ Up” song! I remember going ape-shiit when Gilles Peterson played it last summer. Here’s where the original sample came from:

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