Episode #10: Stuff We Shouldn’t Like

In this episode Beezy and I play songs that don’t seem to fit our tastes.  We shouldn’t like this stuff but we do anyway be it dirty sex rap, a radio hit or Nu Metal.

I don’t want to give away what we are playing by posting extras in this post, so I will wait a few days.  There are a couple of awesome videos I can’t wait to share with you all but you have to be in on the joke, so listen to the podcast and check ’em out sometime this weekend.

Download episode #10!

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6 Responses to Episode #10: Stuff We Shouldn’t Like

  1. Anthony says:

    Shai and jodeci are good!

  2. justinsweeks says:


  3. K to the Evin says:

    You guys were hilarious on this one… And yes, that Inner City Jam Band song is great. But it is just BEGGING for someone to do a re-edit! The intro, chorus, and breakdowns are super dope, but those damn verses gots to go.

  4. justinsweeks says:


    A phizyx re-edit????????????

  5. Kevin says:

    Oh yeah, Enya. I liked a couple of songs from her first album “The Celts” a LOT. I love ambient music, and some of her stuff off of that album was very ambient.

    I liked a couple of songs off of her second album “Watermark”, but only a little bit. I hated that damn “Orinoco Flow” song. Hated it!

    I find it somewhat ironic that City Motivator loves to chill to Enya, and yet is bored and falls to R&B slow jams. You would think that it would be just the opposite (i.e., that Enya would make him fall asleep)!! j/k

  6. I guess there are a few R&B slow jams I like but the vast majority I don’t much care for. I do however like Enya even Orinoco Flow. I guess there are other songs of hers that I like as well but I can’t remember them since they are essentially one big chillout.

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