Stuff We Shouldn’t Like (cont.)

Here are a few bonus goodies for you all and the tracklist so you can judge us.  Go ahead Judgey.  The list is on the internet now so we can’t hide anymore.  Bonus stuff after the jump.

Len- Steal My Sunshine

Fergie- Clumsy

Gwen Stefani- Luxurious

Ministry- Just One Fix

Absence- Fake It

7L and Esoteric- 3 Minute Classic

Inner City Jam Band- What I Did For Love

Ying Yang Twins- Wait (The Whisper Song)

System of a Down- Chop Suey

Enya- Orinoco Flow

Videos! Videos for you!

When Beezy played Len’s “Don’t Steal My Sunshine” on the podcast I got into it.  Its fun and bouncy with some great little samples.  But this video ruins it.  I can’t watch these people singing and doing stupid shit.  I couldn’t find an embeddible video so just click here.

Beezy likes this Gwen Stefani song.  Why? You’ll have to ask him.

Oh, Ministry.  How you perfectly matched the surge of 13 year-old hormones.  I used to watch this video on Headbangers Ball.  It was during that great time of strange videos like “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails.  Do they make videos like this anymore?

This is a video for “Girl,” the Suicide song that 7L and Esoteric sampled for 3 Minute Classic.  I guess this song is a bit filthy too.  What is with me and sex songs?  Plus it is a strange B&W video which is fitting for the brilliant weirdos of Suicide.

If you don’t like the Ying Yang Twins “Wait (The Whisper Song)” as much as I do, you may like the funny, less-molestery, and whiter (thus safer) Bing Bong Brothers.  It’s still NSFW but maybe your prudish coworkers are in love with adorably ill-behaved Andy Samberg and his crew The Lonely Island.  Just tell them it’s the new SNL Digital Short.

Here is the video System of a Down shot in downtown Grand Rapids. I couldn’t find an enbeddible one, so you’ll just have to click here.

This one they shot in GR 10 years ago. It’s much better.

Hey!  Can you believe someone used Enya’s “Orinoco Flow” for a slideshow of a boat?  Crazy!

Check back next Thursday for our second Grand Rapids podcast!

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