The Grand Rapids Episode Vol. 2

Beezy and Local DJ Matt P are back with a Grand Rapids Episode! Everyone likes the Grand Rapids episode, and I hope we represent and come correct, but you will be the judge. We run down more Robert S, weird cults, Metal pranks, and then we rant a little.

Upfront disclaimer: If I offend any local music makers, I am sorry. I still like ya!

Full post with links and tracklist will be posted in a couple of days.

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4 Responses to The Grand Rapids Episode Vol. 2

  1. outobol says:

    Unfortunately I did not preform at this, I lived in the Czech Republic then, biggest regret of my life. I did preform shirtless on many other occasions tough. There is a video of this too.

  2. justinsweeks says:

    THat sucks……..either way it is still funny.

    I want to see the video.

    wear a shirt please. thanks.

  3. Jef Leppard says:

    If there’s ever another GR episode, I have some more potentially interesting stuff to share…

  4. justinsweeks says:

    of course! please share! The grand rapids podcast will be the one “constant theme” that will keep popping up every now and again. Hit Matt up.

    Or, you can just come on the podcast!

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