Holy Tracklist and More Shit

The disaster that was our Holy Shit. podcast continues with a tracklist and bonus materials.

But before we get to that, I have something that needs to be addressed in public for of all our friends (friend).  The clips of me that Beezy has been adding to the end of the podcast are obviously out of context, but this week I feel the context is necessary to understand WHY IN THE HELL I would have said what I did.  I didn’t just blurt it out.  Check out these posts from one of my favorite of all blogs, Savage Love, to recreate a bit of the  45 minutes cut from Justin and my conversation.


Saddlebacking (1)

And now, TRACKLIST! Bonus after the jump.

The Shaggs- We Have a Savior

Brainwash Projects- Speeding Porsches

Danielson Famile- Headz in the Cloudz

People- White Rabbit (cover of Jefferson Airplane)

The Ambassadors- I Heard Jesus Call

Vision of Sunshine- Vision of Sunshine

Alabama Sacred Harp Convention (field recording by Alan Lomax)- Sherburne

D.R. Hooker- The Sea


The Shaggs- We Have a Savior

This website does a great job of documenting the Shaggs legacy including photos of the original record, liner notes, essays/history, etc.  Wikipedia.

Their most “famous” song is “My Pal Foot Foot” which features the tiger striped, 2 legged imaginary friend of one of the Wiggins sisters.  This video below uses the original drawing for Foot Foot to create a music video of sorts.

Brainwash Projects- Speeding Porsches

I don’t have much more to say about Brainwash Projects and there is not much bonus quality material of them online.  So there.

Danielson Famile- Headz in the Cloudz

Here is the music video made for Headz in the Cloudz.

The song was one of 24 on “A Prayer for Every Hour” which Daniel made for his Rutgers Thesis Show in 1994.  I am a huge fan of Danielson even though I am no longer a Christian, it wasn’t their Christianess that made me feel connected to their music as much as their ability to surprise you all the time.  I am a huge fan.  So I was super psyched to find that the video from Daniel’s thesis show has been posted online!

When I was going to Calvin College a group of friends and I convinced Ken Heffner to book Danielson.  In their honor (and just because we were college students who do such things) we decided to listen to one song of “A Prayer for Every Hour” every hour for 24 hours.  We recorded a part of the day (including some personal messages from each of us recorded in the bathroom, “The Real World” style) and gave it to Daniel when he played the next day.  He was surprised and impressed but I figured he’d watch it and stuff it in a corner somewhere.  A few years later, this video below was included on the repressed CD of “A Prayer for Every Hour” instructing other people how to do essentially what we did.  There is one little scene of us all going nuts (at around the 3:28 point in the video) most likely recorded at 3 in the morning.  We even got credit at the end of the video for being the first to do it!

People- White Rabbit (cover of Jefferson Airplane)

I had no idea until now, but People featured one of the largest figures and godfathers (besides God the Father) of Christian music, Larry Norman. This awesome site for Jesus music has all kinds of info for the curious and for people who want to know what rare Christian psych to look for at your local thrift stores.

The Ambassadors- I Heard Jesus Call

Okay, this is fucked up.  Beezy and I joked about how the Lake County Assoiciation for the Retarded was still using an outdated term to refer to people with mental handicaps in 1974. They must have updated their name by now, right? It’s been another 35 years.  Nope.  To this day they are called THE LAKE COUNTY ASSOCIATION FOR THE RETARDED! Way to go Gary, Indiana…

Vision of Sunshine- Vision of Sunshine


The blog Waxidermy posted a little more about VOS and some audio samples.  Check it out here.

Alabama Sacred Harp Convention (field recording by Alan Lomax)- Sherburne

The Alabama Sacred Harp Association recorded a record with Columbia in the 20’s in addition to the recordings Alan Lomax did of their meetings.  Sacred Harp singing uses shape notes which features notes representing the different syllables fa, so, la, etc.  There are still Sacred Harp conventions mainly in the US south.  Here are more audio examples of Sacred Harp.

D.R. Hooker- The Sea


This record has been repressed recently saving you about $700.

Check out the repress page for audio samples from the rest of the record.

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2 Responses to Holy Tracklist and More Shit

  1. Kevin says:

    I hated “We Have A Savior” by The Shaggs. Off-beat drumming, instruments/singing not keeping time or in sync, bad singing, etc. I can’t believe people have actually hailed them as having the best record ever!?!!? Reminds me of J. Dilla and Madlib in the hip hop world… everybody hails them as geniuses for making sloppy ass beats on purpose. I cringe every time I hear snares, high hats, or drum kicks not on-beat/in snyc. I guess a lot of people like that style, but it’s just not my thing. It sounds like amateur-hour to me, like dude just picked up an MPC for the very first time and tried to make a beat without reading any instructions or locking it into the click track. Or, in the case of The Shaggs, picked up drums and guitars for the very first time in their lives and immediately went into the studio to cut an album. I don’t care if it is “from the heart”, has “a lot of feeling”, or “comes from the soul”… because it still sounds like a festering bowl of dog snot!

    Ham-fisted… ha!

    Daniel’s voice = unbearable!

    People’s lead singer = jarring!

    The entire Lake County Association For The Retarded part was very funny! The Ambassadors’ “I Heard Jesus Call” is a pretty OK song, except for the guy with the deep voice–that dude is so damn MONSTER!!!

    “Vision Of Sunshine” was cool. Jesus is coming… he should tell you before he does. Nice! 🙂

    The Alabama Sacred Harp Association song (oops, I mean “moment in time”) was pretty good. Here, it’s not really a song, it’s “a moment in time”… Hilarious!!!!! And yes, the South is creepy.

    The D.R. Hooker “Jesus/face melting/2nd coming…to rock you” part was awesomely good!! The song was OK.

    And I totally didn’t catch the clips at the end!!

  2. justinsweeks says:

    Did you catch the clip from the last episode? Matt P says some fucked up things when we are recording.

    So much to say about this episode. We were fighting and laughing and babbling during the recording.

    I think the D.R. Hooker track is way better than ok.

    Thanks kevin!

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