This is fairly incredible.

Sampled youtube videos to create songs.

The really incredible part? They sound good. Really good.

Please check it out. You will be amazed.


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  1. Kevin says:

    I’m going on record as saying that I totally hate music videos. Always have. I find them boring to watch. BUT, the Kutiman ThruYou videos are friggin’ AWESOME!!!

    Back around 1998-1999, I saw Emergency Broadcast Network (EBN) at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit. They were opening up for DJ Spooky, and this was the first time that I was ever exposed to something like this. All that they had the main stage was three big screens. No DJs, no boring guys standing behind computer equipment/keyboards pushing buttons, nothing…

    I was standing around, waiting for EBN to go on stage, and all of a sudden one of the screens started playing an emergency broadcast system alert. Then it jumped to a news report by somebody like Ted Koppel or Peter Jennings. And then it jumped to a speech by Eisenhower or Reagan, and then an old black/white video of some black woman singing. It went on like that for a little bit, and then some of the images started to stutter and repeat certain words or phrases. And then a looped breakbeat kicked in, and all of the images that they just threw up on the screen started popping up on the other screens… all in time with the beat. I was freakin’ out!

    Musically, they were very Fat Boy Slim/Chemical Brothers/Big Beat-ish (if any of you remember that style)… so their songs haven’t held up over time. But the multi-media artistic ideas are there.

    Also, EBN had a very strong political slant, often showing images of war, president and other military officials, the first Iraq War, guns, bombs exploding, etc.

    One thing that EBN did at that St. Andrews concert that TOTALLY blew me away was what they did with footage of a couple of different drummers. It started out with some nerdy 1970s white dude (dressed terrible!), demonstrating the basics of drumming. Then they jumped to another dorky ass white dude from the 70s with long hair in another instructional video. And then they jumped to a black jazz drummer. And so on… Then, they started chopping up the different videos of the drummers to make a bunch of different mid-tempo hip hop drum patterns. And THEN they sped it up to a Drum & Bass tempo. It was absolutely HILARIOUS watching the black jazz drummers and the dorky white dudes stuttering all over the place, hitting their drums super fast to a Drum & Bass tempo. Shiit was crazy! This isn’t the same thing as what I saw, but is a good example:

    And you can check out their MySpace for all of their old videos:

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