Episode #13- Hello Friend


Episode #13- Hello Friend – Download Here!

What would a podcast called Hello Friends be without friends?  That’s why we invited loyal listener, WYCE radio host and multi-band member Mike Saunders (aka Outobol) on the show.  Mike played some current favorites and we played a few tracks from Mike’s bands and another Party Favorites jam.

Be looking for the tracklist and bonus stuff this weekend.

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2 Responses to Episode #13- Hello Friend

  1. outobol says:

    Thanks for letting me on the show dudes!

  2. Kevin says:

    I liked the Chance Jones song that played at the start. The lead singer’s voice sort of sounded like Prince a couple of times.

    The thing about Immortal Technique that is different from all of the other political “conscious” rappers is that he actually sounds like he’s read a book or two in his lifetime. Most dudes just regurgitate the same old vague catch-phrases… I mean, come on, at the very least pick up a Chomsky or Zinn book.

    Cutting out the autotune… I find myself doing that to certain songs as well. If I really like a song, but can’t stand certain parts of it, I’ll do my own edit. It’s also very helpful when you DJ or play out, because you make the song the exact length that you want, extend certain parts that you really like, cut the bad parts out, etc. Thank you, Mr. music editing computer software program!

    I never knew anything about Moon Dog or his music, so it was interesting to get exposure, hear a little about his history, and what his early stuff sounded like. The song sounded very Afro Beat-ish. It makes me think of Fela Kuti.

    Gang Gang Dance… The music part of the song was good and very interesting, but the vocal parts sucked. Terrible. I can’t stand female singers with that type of voice, no matter if they’re Chinese, Japanese, Indian, or Arabic. That type of singing is very grating and unlistenable to me.

    I don’t like Party Favorites, either. Not my thing.

    For me, songs like “Squeeze The Trigger” and Boogie Down Productions “Love’s Gonna Get’Cha” say way more in one song than the entire gangsta rap genre put together. Take that opinion with a grain of salt, because I’ve never been a huge fan of gangsta rap to begin with. How many druug, guns, crime, muurder, and ghetto life references can one person hear get regurgitated and repeated with no creativity or deeper insight? For me, by the time N.W.A. and the Ghetto Boys got done saying what they had to say on their first couple of albums, I was sort of over it. I was done with that whole genre.

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