A Catch All Tracklist (and More)


Another selection of tracks we are feeling at the moment, episode #14 is filled with the smooth sounds of Detroit gone by and the sweaty thump of Baltimore and London clubs (with a little sprinkling of genius bi-polar indie pop.)  Here are some videos to keep you occupied.  Tracklist after the break.


I didn’t realize that Lyman Woodward just died recently.  Read about it here. He was only 66!

K SWIFT- TRIBUTE (recorded a few days after her death)

DANIEL JOHNSTON- MOUNTAIN DEW SONG ( Clip from the documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston)


Lyman Woodard Trio-  Belle Isle Daze (Live)

K-Swift- Hands Up Thumbs Down

Bone Thugz in Harmony- No Surrender

UK Apache and Shy FX- Original Nuttah (Bass Mix)

Willie Hutch- He’s a Mack Man

King Tutt- Let’s Go

Daniel Johnston- Peek-a-Boo

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One Response to A Catch All Tracklist (and More)

  1. Kevin says:

    Matt & Beez: I’ve been working on putting together 4 or 5 zip files of old jungle stuff for you guys. I will email you the links Thursday or Friday.

    The D&B stuff from 1991-1993 was very slow (tempo), and the drum programming was very simple with a lot of loops. It was a mixture of sped up hip hop breaks and vocal samples, Chicago house music, and the burgeoning European techno rave scene. The keyboard sounds were very rave-y. Here’s a good example:

    The style of D&B that I think was the best came out during the 1994-1995 era. The UK Apachi “Original Nuttah” was made in 1994 (and the drums used on that song came from the “Amen Brothers” track a.k.a. the “world’s most important 6 second drum loop”). 1994-1995 was when the drum programming started to get really complex, the Amen break got totally mashed up, the basslines and bass kicks were all over the place, reggae vocals started coming into prominence, etc.

    Some dudes still make this style of music. I’ve seen releases as recent as 2006-2007. In my opinion, Soundmurderer & SK-1 are the best at making the “ragga jungle” style of D&B. And they’re from Ypsilante/Ann Arbor(!).

    Also, 1994-1995 was when the more ambient/chill out style of D&B started to come into its own. A few years later, the style would be called Atmospheric D&B, or Intelligent D&B. Think stuff like LTJ Bukem, etc.

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