Let’s Get Together Vol. 1

Hello Friends!  Here’s the first of many eclectic mixes to come from Kevin.  Highlights include New York disco classics, Polish rock, Detroit nu jazz/broken beat, and even some ragga jungle-style D&B out of Detroit.  Plus, a Radio Shack answering machine rap message from an old cassette.  Tracklist and more after the jump!

DOWNLOAD Let’s Get Together Vol. 1, or listen here:

0:00:31  Daedelus – Playing Parties (2002)
0:03:31  Lords vs. Hawks (1974, dialogue from the movie The Education Of Sonny Carson)
0:03:53  First Choice – Love Thang [Tee Scott 12” Mix] (1979)
0:11:40  Althia & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking (1977)
0:15:26  John Beltran feat. Jeremy Ellis – Kissed By The Sun (2004, Detroit)
0:20:32  Benny Sings – Champagne People (2004, Netherlands)
0:24:25  Caribou – Subotnick (2005)
0:25:28  Czerwone Gitary – Dawno I Daleko (1970, Poland)
0:28:41  Madvillain – Fancy Clown [Demo Version] (2004)
0:32:36  Shawn Phillips – All Our Love (1977)
0:34:13  DNTEL feat. Mia Doi Todd – Anywhere Anyone (2001)
0:38:51  Lot Of Funky Things (1972, dialogue from the movie Wattstax)
0:39:14  Magnum – Evolution (1974)
0:44:37  Belle Epoque – Miss Broadway (1977)
0:51:51  Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face [Larry Levan Mix] (1980)
0:58:25  Jeremy Ellis – Take Your Time (2005, Detroit)
1:02:58  Thirteen? Damn… (1974, dialogue from the movie The Education Of Sonny Carson)
1:03:19  Soundmurderer & SK-1 – Call Da Police (2003, Detroit)
1:08:33  Visage – Damned Don’t Cry (1982)
1:13:07  DNTEL – Last Songs (2001)
1:17:46  Rappin’ (1985, Radio Shack Telephone Answering Machine Outgoing Messages: Music Edition cassette)

Here’s the trailer to The Education Of Sonny Carson.  A must-see movie:

I have nothing against white soul when it is done good.  Case in point: Jamie Lidell, Ben Westbeech, Tuomo, Tortured Soul, etc.  Here’s the video for Benny Sings’ Champagne People.  He’s not what I expected him to look like when I first heard his music, nor did I expect him to be from the Netherlands…

Speaking of white soul… not only is Detroit’s Jeremy Ellis a talented singer and musician, but he is also a master of the Akai MPC sampler.  Here he is in Switzerland in May 2008.  (p.s.  This 100 times more difficult than it looks):

I’m a child of the ’80s, so naturally, ’80s stuff is going to be a guilty pleasure of mine.  I found out about Visage only 10 years ago when I was on the hunt for an old school electro classic…  The Dance Mix version of their song Pleasure Boys has a break on it that I heard numerous times as a kid growing up, listening to the Saturday Night Fresh mix show on 107.1 FM in Saginaw.  When I finally found out what the song was and who made it, I started to check for more of their stuff.  While none of their other songs were as good as Pleasure Boys, a few did catch my attention, and Damned Don’t Cry was one them.  Yes, the video is horrible and very ’80s, but I love the song:

And speaking of the ’80s…

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One Response to Let’s Get Together Vol. 1

  1. I really liked this mix Kevin. Miss Broadway and Is It All Over My Face are two favorites for sure. The track I am most impressed with though is Damned Don’t Cry, I love that song and a lot of other stuff from Visage. I don’t know anyone else who is down with that track. Kudos!

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