Episode #17-Let’s Get Ignant

Download “Lets Get Ignant” here.

Fueled by St. Ides and some of my favorite hip hop, we are getting ignorant on this one.

We cover hating baby mamas, welfare checks, hotel money, crusty white people, white midgets holding pythons, and Local DJ Matt P gets racist.

And I was finally wrong about something; Bushwick made the track “Ever So Clear” in 1992, not 1996. I was thinking of “Phantom of the Rapra”, which was made in 1995, when Bushwick was Dr. Wolfgang Von Bushwickin The Barbarian Mother Funky Stay High Dollar Billster. And yes, they made an album cover out of him getting his eye shot out. I dont know what I was thinking.


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3 Responses to Episode #17-Let’s Get Ignant

  1. outobol says:

    I don’t think “Hotel Money” is ignorant. I think it’s just a sex jam, people go to hotels because they just want sex with out the intimacy of their home, because they have a partner, they don’t have to clean, they can get wild. If you want to have some casual sex and you don’t want the other person knowing where you live it makes sense.

  2. justinsweeks says:

    Damn Outo! You know the drill when it comes to the Hotel money! But for real, you are right. The song is still funny though. Local Dj picked it, not me. And perhaps we were a little loose on the definition of ignorant.

    -sleezy beezy-

  3. Kevin says:

    This episode is absolutely hilarious!!! There’s just waaay too much funny stuff for me to sit here and type all about it! Probably one of the best episodes ever!!!!!

    Oh, thanks a lot Beezy, you big turd burglar. Now I can’t get that “(I Hate) My Baby Momma” song out of my damn head! I might actually end up seriously liking that song because of this podcast!

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