Beezy Plays 45’s on WYCE

Download Beezy plays 45’s on WYCE

A couple of weeks ago I went on WYCE during Outobol’s show to play 45’s for 3 hours. I took over one corner of the studio, set up my turntables, and played 45’s. I got a great response during the show, so I figure you would like it.

The set is comprised mostly of Funk, Soul, and hip hop.



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3 Responses to Beezy Plays 45’s on WYCE

  1. Kevin says:

    I never heard The Persuasions “Love Gonna Pack Up” before. That song is fucking SIIICK!!!!! And I liked that Lee Dorsey “Night People” song, too.

    I LOVE that Alvin Cash “Keep On Dancin” track. B to the Boy, for real!!!

    But my absolute favorite song that you played has to be LL Cool J’s “My Rhyme Ain’t Done”!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kevin says:

    You played the Winstons “Amen Brother” track, which was the main staple for drum’n’bass, especially ragga jungle.

    But you also played the Lyn Collins “Think” song, which was not only the Rob Base & EZ Rock “It Takes Two” sample, as well as countless Hip House songs in the late 80s/early 90s, but it is also the main staple of B-more club tracks. You can hear the “Think” drums on damn near every single Baltimore Club track.

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