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The oft described “enigmatic British DJ” Fake Blood caught my ear with his Mini Mix on Annie Mac’s BBC 1 radio program “The Mashup.”  Funk beats mixed with rave and darker electronic stuff; he kills it.  It’s plain.  It was so good that apparently Diplo now refuses to do a Mini Mix because he can’t make a better one.  Damn.

But he is more than a DJ.  He produces, he remixes, he makes his own tracks.  And they all kill. Below I break down some of the stuff I’ve found from him, and I’m keeping my eyes out for more.

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He has done remixes for:

Count of Monte Cristal & Sinden

Hot Chip

Little Boots

The Kills


His own tracks have become dancefloor staples around the world.  Whether as Fake Blood, Touche or with his group The Black Ghosts he is pouring fresh sounds in the sonic stream by the bucketfull.  But the Fake Blood stuff is what impresses me most.  His heavy raver track “Mars” is a straight killer and I can’t even imagine how much the dance floors in the UK explode when the bassline comes in.

Well, here is how Belgians respond.

And the Australians. (6:10 in)

The other track from the Mars single is no slouch.  Blood Splashing:

I’m also feeling this Black Ghosts track:


I think Fake Blood’s DJ skills are what I am the most impressed by.  His essential mix for BBC 1 was amazing.  The first hour was dancefloor destruction and the second a chiller afterparty vibe.  And any afterparty where the DJ plays Fad Gadget gets serious points from me.

Link to Fake Blood’s BBC Essential Mix tracklist with download

Oh, plus his DJ name is one of the best I’ve ever heard.


Fake Blood on Myspace

Fake Blood on Wikipedia

Fake Blood aka Touche (Myspace)

The Black Ghosts (Myspace)

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  1. Kevin says:

    The first Fake Blood song that I heard him do was a remix of Armand Van Helden’s “I Want Your Soul”. I immediately fell in love with this track because of the crazy chopped up samples:

    I grew up on mid-80’s rap and thought that the tape-edit style of the Latin Rascals, Mantronik, Chep Nunez, Omar Santana, and Sam Sever was super duper dope! I was too young at the time to realize that these were the people actually creating that sound. It was beyond my comprehension as a kid to understand how they were able to make the music sound that way when they did their breakdowns/edits. And even after reading about how they actually did it (many years later), I STILL don’t know how they did it! Cutting a tiny ass piece of a multi-tracked reel-to-reel tape with a razor blade, and then splicing and scotch-taping all of the pieces of reel-to-reel back together again, still seems impossible to fathom. But now, thanks to compooters, dudes like Fake Blood have software that can automatically do edits for you. Just load a song or sample, click a button, and boom it’s done. Nice and easy. But I don’t mean to sound elitist about it… I don’t really care HOW people do it nowadays, just as long as I still get to hear that chopped up/edit style! More music should have it!!!

    When I first heard Fake Blood’s “Mars” track, I didn’t really get into it. “Mars” was a little too ravey for me. This was when I was afraid that this type of music was heading in the “wrong” direction. I thought that everyone was gonna start bringing back all of the cheesy/outdated early-90s techno rave sounds (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjxc91MUuAI ). But by the 3rd week of hearing on the mix shows, I could no longer resist. And it sucked, too, because I couldn’t find it anywhere on the blogspots. After weeks of searching for it, I finally broke down and bought the MP3.

    I currently have a couple of Fake Blood songs and remixes on my iPod. Here is another one of my other favorites (because of the chopped up/old school edit-style samples!). It’s the Fake Blood remix of “Any Way You Choose To Give It” by The Black Ghosts:

    Besides Fake Blood, there are a couple of other producers/remixers that I am always checking for. If their names are attached to a remix or song, then 9 times out of 10 I find myself loving the song. Please check some of these other artists out (if you don’t already know about them!):

    Fred Falke
    Treasure Fingers
    Kill The Noise
    Bag Raiders

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