Episode #19 – Jackin for Beats

(image jacked from ohword.com)

In this episode we play tracks that people jacked and discuss the ramifications of such actions.We cover Ice Cube, J-lo, Chuck Berry and others.

Download Jackin For Beats Here, or, subscribe in iTunes.

But more importantly, in celebration of being able to subscribe to our podcast in iTunes, We are offering a giveaway/contest.

What you Win: Green Shorts, Lemonade, & Sandcastles, A 3 Cd summer mix with individual mixes by Local DJ, Beezy, and Kevin.

How to Win: Listen to the podcast for details.

Why you want to win: This mix is fresh for Summer 09′! 3 cds with slammin tracks.


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4 Responses to Episode #19 – Jackin for Beats

  1. You pussied out Beezy! You can drop little slips in my dialogue at the end of a podcast but apparently not your own? WEAK.

  2. justinsweeks says:

    Yeah, I thought about it and here is my reasoning.

    1: The joke is always you saying shit at the end. not me.

    2: Whoever controls the presses controls information.

  3. outobol says:

    Dope show, that Flint jam is sweet.

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