Jackin’ for Beats Tracklist (Plus Bonus Jacks)

So beat jackin’ is nothing new and continues even among the best in the game.  Just look at the situation with Timbaland and a Finnish chip-tune artist.

He’s just been sued over it.

Below is the tracklist as well as some videos, history and a little exploration of a few of the beats that have been jacked over the years.  Oh, and as a bonus, some explanation of the Public Enemy/Madonna/Young Black Teenagers three-way meta-jack.  Enjoy!  Videos etc. after the break.



Jennifer Lopez- Jenny From the Block


The Beatnuts- Watch Out Now


(Not Played- The Beach Boys- Surfin’ USA)


Chuck Berry- Sweet Little Sixteen


Ice Cube- Jackin’ For Beats


A whole lotta contemporary rap hits and old funk tracks.  That was the point, really.


D.O.A.- Runnin’ Scared (Flint-style Jackin’ for Beats)


A whole lot of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s beats.  Mostly “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees.  Sloppy, Flint-style.


M.I.A.- World Town


K-Swift- Hands Up Thumbs Down


Royce the 5’9″ (produced by Alchemist)- I’m the King


R.A. The Rugged Man- Stanley Kubrick



The Beatnuts-Confused Rappers



There are no embeddable versions of J.Lo’s “Jenny from the Block” video so check it out here. Wow, the security cam footage totally makes her seem like a real person!

Here is the video for The Beatnuts “Watch Out Now.”

So The Beatnuts sampled a disco-style track from Enoch Light for their beat, it’s easy to hear what they grabbed by listening to the video below.  The contoversy is that Jennifer Lopez’s beat sounds a little too much like what The Beatnuts did with the OG.  Oh, and below the Enoch Light video are clips of the other samples used on “Jenny.”

Enoch Light and the Light Brigade- “Hi-Jack”

20th Century Steel Band- “Heaven and Hell is on Earth”

Boogie Down Productions- “South Bronx” Live Version (not the version sampled, but it is crazy fresh!)


So I read an interesting article on infringement in the great blog from mental floss magazine about this situation.  According to it, Chuck Berry sued the Beach Boys after “Surfin’ USA” came out and their manager, publisher (and father to three original members) Murry Wilson gave Berry the royalties to the song.  It was 25 years before the band members realized they weren’t receiving any money for the song.  This jack seems to have actually worked out for the original artist!


I think it is kind of funny that in the video for “Jackin’ For Beats” -a song in which he grabbed many other artist’s beats- he shows Da Lench Mob running up on a bunch of bootleggers.  Oh, and if you are interested in which songs he sampled check out this page.


I couldn’t find anything out about this.  Go figure.  Flint-style!

Photo by Dave Liske from M-Live.com

Photo by Dave Liske from M-Live.com

M.I.A. jacks K-SWIFT

M.I.A.- “World Town”

K-Swift- “Hands Up Thumbs Down”

ROYCE THE 5’9″ (produced by ALCHEMIST) jacks R.A. THE RUGGED MAN

Royce the 5’9″- “The King”

R.A. The Rugged Man- “Stanley Kubrick”



Public Enemy- Security of the First World (produced by the Bomb Squad)

Sorry for the video, I couldn’t find an official one.  I actually could only find this one where somebody uses the instrumental behind their totally awesome political video.  Wow, this really made me think…

The Bomb Squad sampled and slowed down the break from James Brown’s “The Funky Drummer” for “Security of the First World.”  Check it out here (it’s the third clip in this collection of 3 of the most famous breaks ever sampled.  The “Amen” break is the singular foundation for most Drum and Bass.)

They weren’t the only producers to use this break.  In fact check out this list to see just how many people have used it.  But what Madonna did- actually her producer, none other that Lenny Kravitz- was use the instrumental of “Security” for the base of “Justify My Love.”  Below is a video with the song in it.  Again, not the OG video but it has the right audio.  Also notable, the video for “Justify” was banned for being too sexual.  It went on to become the greatest selling video single of all time.

Then, the Bomb Squad produced a track for their white rapper protoges the ironically named Young Black Teenagers where they re-jacked Madonna’s “Justify My Love” beat.  The result is a terrible song called “To My Donna.”  It’s really bad.  Don’t check it out.  I knew you would anyway…

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4 Responses to Jackin’ for Beats Tracklist (Plus Bonus Jacks)

  1. Anthony says:

    dope show!
    Here’s a couple for the next round

    This missin linx song came out a bit before dr. dre’s next episode and it’s pretty much the same beat:

    Jorge Ben sued Rod Stewart and the jury agreed that this amazing song was the basis for Do Ya think I’m Sexy:

    In the landmark ruling, the judge made it legal for anyone of Brazilian descent alive in the 70s to punch Rod Stewart if they catch him on the street. Justice!

  2. Kevin says:

    In theory, I actually like the “Jenny From The Block” song. (In theory, Marge…)

    The problem that I have with the song is that her entire vocal part IS OFF BEAT!!! This tiny little thing makes it completely UNLISTENABLE to me. It causes too much “cognitive dissonance”. While some people can’t stand the song because she jacks The Beatnuts, the only reason I can’t stand the song is because she sings off beat.

    The rapper dudes at the start are on beat, which is OK. But when J-Lo starts singing (all the way to the end of the song), she is NOT on beat. Enoch Light’s “Hi-Jack” starts on the one. The Beatnuts “Watch Out Now” starts on the one. But J-Lo sings on the three (third downbeat).

    When I first heard the J-Lo song, I thought that some DJ did a sloppy ass blend of the Beatnuts song, some random rapper’s acapella, and some random R&B singer. Boy, was I wrong…

  3. Kevin says:

    Holy crap! That Jorge Ben song is awesome!!! I never heard that before. Thanks, Anthony!

    I’m a child of the ’80s, so of course I secretly love stuff like Rod Stewart’s “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” That just makes me like Jorge Ben’s “Taj Mahal” all that much more!

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