GR Episode #3 Tracklist and Bonus(es)


Jef Leppard stopped by to share some choice gems of Grand Rapids music lore and brought us beer and CDs!  Setting the bar high for future guests indeed.  The tracks from this episode feature many arty-noisy-loud bands from the late 90’s as well as another Fenton track, the Soul sound of GR gone by and the first release from Euro-K.  Sweet!

Bonus stuff after the jump!

The Tracklist:

C3- 240 Front

Night Toucher- Bill Laimbeer

Whirlwind Heat- Sickl Flip Yoo

Religious SS Disorder- I’m Not Waving (from Local DJ Matt P’s 30th Birthday 7″)

Spot and the Blotters- Soul Circle

Care Bears- Throat

Care Bears- Hard Core

The Aardvarks- I Don’t Need You

Hexagon- B.L.T. (Exclusive Track!)

Euro K- Swing It

Corey Ruffin- Tunnel

Corey Ruffin- Broken Hearted Song

Harbinger- Time to Clear

Jef Leppard- Gay Bar/ Young Man Mashup


Jef Leppard has a pretty deep connection to the musical and video life of this city so as well as posting videos of the bands featured this week I thought I would highlight some of Jef’s contributions to GR.  Enjoy!


Retro D’Luxe 2.0

LSDudes (be sure to check out the video for 7-11)

Jef on Youtube



So the story of Euro-K is much deeper than I imagined.  I ran into my friend Derrick Hallowell (Vito from Euro-K, the dude in the center) at Vertigo and he gave me the whole story.  I don’t really want to drop too much here, but he told me that this record came out in 1985 or 1986 but they got started in 1980 and played at Festival that summer.  From what he told me it sounds like it was them (doing originals) and Robert S (rapping over instrumentals) at Festival that year that marks the beginning of hip hop in GR.  I hope to get Derrick on the show to tell the whole story.  From Festival to Profile Records!


Myspace is such a pain in my ass… There are some early videos of RSSD on Myspace and you can check them out but I can’t embed them.  Just click here:

1 2

They sound different now but I can’t find any video of recent performances, you’ll just have to go see them yourself.


Okay, so I found out The Aardvarks are from Muskegon.  So sue me.  All the Fenton bands had a serious West Michigan presence and GR is in West Michigan so there. Check out the Aardvarks page on the always informative Grand Rapids rocks for more details about this great 60’s band.



Oh Dave Bixby.  You left one of the most interesting musical legacies in the history of Grand Rapids.  Your first record may have become the highest priced local record I know of.  And these lovely Spaniards have released your work for all to enjoy.

I have never talked to Mr. Bixby but my friend Tom Shannon has.  He is living in Arizona now and still making music.  Maybe we can get more of the story from him some time?  For now, bug Herm at Vertigo for a copy of these albums on vinyl (or CD).



So in my mind I was not so sure how deep Spot and the Blotters got in GR proper.  But there it is!  Right on the label!  “Produced in Grand Rapids Michigan.”  You can hear the track again here if you need a reminder of how funky it is.  (Bongo break!  Organ jam!)


HOLY SHIT! There is an actual video of C3 playing!  And it’s rad!

And then there was Night Toucher.  I still have never seen them play but listening to their tracks on Myspace I can say they kick some ass (very precisely, with mathy parts.) Check them out on their Myspace page dudes.  They have shows coming up too.


This show on St. Patrick’s Day featuring Vannesss, Landed and Arab on Radar at 10 Weston (R.I.P.) apparently also featured Whirlwind Heat who just showed up with their gear.  The video is for Vannesss who I have never heard of but I like this song a ton.  Why wasn’t I into this stuff back then?  Stupid wussy indie rock…

I never really got that into WH partially because I heard from GR bands that they were dicks.  Thinking about that, though, I’m sure many of my favorite artists are dicks and I just don’t know it.  Knowing that they are would also not make stop listening to their music (unless they are epic assholes).  I’m not sure if I’m into them or not, this video makes their live show seem alright.


Has made quite an impact in GR with the Super Happy Funtime Burlesque.  Here is a profile of him in the GR Press and the official site for SHFB.

That’s it!  Alright, we’ll be back in your ears next week with more jams!

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3 Responses to GR Episode #3 Tracklist and Bonus(es)

  1. Jef Leppard says:

    Thanks for all this.
    Don’t know if you caught it, but I put up the whole video spot that the Carebears snippets are from on my facebook:

    After so many viewings over the years it still cracks me up every time. Hope y’all like it.

  2. Jef Leppard says:

    Oh, and yes, it appears somebody has posted what looks to be at least a 3rd generation copy of the pre-Tool Maynard video we shot in the late 80s in the GRTV studio…

  3. justinsweeks says:

    HOLY SHIT! THat video is crazy! THanks Jef!

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