Let’s Get Together Vol. 3

Here is the 3rd mix in the Let’s Get Together series, and if you haven’t figured it out by now, the first three volumes were actually made a couple of years ago.  But starting next month (with Volume 4), there will be all new Let’s Get Together mixes, with songs that I’ve been discovering and feelin’ lately.  Tracklist and more after the jump!

DOWNLOAD Let’s Get Together Vol. 3, or listen here:

0:00:34  Freedom Is A Road Seldom Traveled By The Multitude (1972, dialogue from the movie Wattstax)
0:01:09  Daedelus – Taking Wing (2004)
0:03:06  Jneiro Jarel – Eeee Love (2005)
0:05:05  Silvetti – Spring Rain (1977)
0:09:51  Thes One – Want You Back [Live At The Rootdown Soundclash] (2002)
0:12:22  Oneness Of Juju – African Rhythm [Pt. 1] (1975)
0:15:43  Jeremy Ellis – These Passing Days (2005, Detroit)
0:20:37  Prefuse 73 feat. Broadcast – Rain/And I’m Gone (2005)
0:24:45  DNTEL feat. Benjamin Gibbard – (This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan (2001, early Postal Service song)
0:30:27  The Durutti Column – Otis (1989, Manchester)
0: 34:38  Little Beaver – Get Into The Party Life (1976)
0:38:42  Dinosaur L – Go Bang! #5 (1982)
0:46:13  John Arnold feat. Amp Fiddler – I Can Be (2003, Detroit)
0:51:19  Gary Bartz – Music Is My Sanctuary (1977)
0:57:10  Jimmy Webb – Arnie’s Appeasement Signals / The Elephant Hunt (1973, dialogue & music from The Naked Ape movie soundtrack)
1:01:10  Edan feat. Mr. Lif – Making Planets (2005)
1:05:14  Build An Ark – Peace And Love (2004)
1:07:35  Shopping Malls & Miniature Golf (1984, dialogue from the movie The Brother From Another Planet)

Here is the trailer to the Wattstax 1973 movie:

I was really into the Postal Service a few years ago.  To me, they sounded like what the Pet Shop Boys should’ve sounded like in 2004.  On a side note, I always liked the Pet Shop Boys growing up (“West End Girls” is my JAM!), plus my older brother Gary has damn near everything that they’ve ever released…  Anyway, before DNTEL and Ben Gibbard teamed up to form Postal Service, Ben appeared on a track for DNTEL’s first album “Life Is Full Of Possibilities” (which I absolutely loved).  This was back in 2001, and I knew nothing about Death Cab For Cutie, but it was because of Ben’s work with DNTEL that inspired me to actually want to check out some Death Cab For Cutie stuff.  I actually like their earlier albums (sorry).  Here’s the video for DNTEL’s “(This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan”:

Local DJ loves Arthur Russell tracks.  So do I.  Arthur Russell was the mastermind behind Dinosaur L’s “Go Bang! #5”, and I was actually able to find a video for it.

My first exposure to Dinosaur L’s “Go Bang! #5” was back in 1988, when I bought The Todd Terry Project’s “Bango (To The Batmobile)” 12″ single:

I heard it again in 1989 when I got Limelife’s “I Wanna Go Bang” 12″ single (Limelife was one of Todd Terry’s many aliases):

But it wasn’t until many, many years later that I actually “discovered” the O.G. version that Dinosaur L made.  It’s strange how after all of these years I’m still having to play “catch up”, and I’m still finding out where all of this stuff actually came from.  It never ends!!

And last but not least, here’s a trailer for “The Brother From Another Planet”.  It’s not the original trailer for the movie–the original trailer was terrible!  I actually watched this movie in one of my classes at UofM-Flint back in the day.  The professor really broke it down and examined the many ways in which the movie depicts the overall “the black experience”… both presently and historically.  It is a very slow movie, but I like it.  Although you’re expecting to see a lot of action and cool sci-fi stuff, there’s really not a whole lot of either one…

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