Episode # 26 -The Flint Episode feat Mr Slate & Kevin

That’s right!  I traveled back to Flint-town to talk to some old homies about the great music of Flint, Michigan.  We don’t just cover rap, we hit funk, Motown, and rock.  Check it out, these dudes are knowledgeable about their music.  Mr. Slate has produced many groups and now heads up the label Spiderjuice 45.  Kevin has DJ’d and produced (and even rapped) in the mid-to-late 90’s until the early 2000’s.

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9 Responses to Episode # 26 -The Flint Episode feat Mr Slate & Kevin

  1. Kevin says:

    Oh man, I had a great time doing this podcast. It was good to catch up, share stories, laugh, etc. And Slate, don’t think that I didn’t catch that Rico Suave jab… we have a lot of listeners who probably never heard “Give Up The Funk”. I can’t wait for the next Flint podcast!

  2. outobol says:

    Sweet show dudes! I loved the stories and the jams. That Terry Knight and the Pack jam was great. Can’t wait for the next one.

  3. Gozza says:

    Wow, that really takes me back. Great job fellas. I’m really proud to have been a part of the Golden Era of Flint Hip Hop. I got a lot of inspiration from those days. You know, we’ve included the Introduciton To Poetry music video on our new Artfull Dodgers’ DVD featuring both Mr. Slat & Boomin Records. Looking forward to your next Podcast.

  4. Aborted Rap says:

    Waaaah! I can’t get it to work. Why am I so internet illiterate? I’m just glad to hear that Phiz is still alive and didn’t sell all his records!

  5. justinsweeks says:

    sorry, this is the correct link

    [audio src="http://hellofriendspodcast.com/episodes/Episode%20%2326TheFlintEpisode.mp3" /]

  6. Ed Bliddadez says:

    Next time you do a podcast…I’d like to be involved yo…stay in contact wit ya manz familia…que te vaya bien y gracias mis carnales…Eduardo

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