Kevin’s Flint Episode Extras

For the first Flint Episode, I wanted to upload a couple of compilations and cassette tapes to my RapidShare account.  (I will upload more Flint stuff after we do the second Flint Episode.)  For those with iTunes, I have tried to include as much information on each song as I could in the “Info” tab (e.g., year released, producers, etc.), as well as larger album covers in the “Artwork” tab.  Tracklist and more after the jump!


Ready For The World – Oh Sheila
The Velvelettes – Needle In A Haystack
Took-N-Bone – I Be The Dopest 1
Fo-Deep – Mutha Nature
Terry Knight And The Pack – How Much More (Have I Got To Give)
Grand Funk Railroad – Nothing Is The Same
Hunt’s Determination Band – I Got My Nut
Ruff-N-Rugged – Drop The Microphone
The Sons Of The Empire featuring The Juggernaut – Introduction To Poetry


Terry Knight And The Pack – The Pack Anthology: 1965-1968

In the first Flint Episode, I talk about Terry Knight & The Pack and the band’s relationship with Grand Funk Railroad.  Mr. Slate expressed an interest in checking out more from them, so I thought that I would share “The Pack Anthology: 1965-1968” with all of you.

Po Broke Souls – Po Broke Souls

Next up is the Po Broke Souls cassette from 1992.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to play all of the Flint stuff that we wanted, so this group got cut from the first Flint Episode.  Like so many other Flint releases, this was recorded at Bernard Terry’s Silver Sun Studio in Flint.  This is my favorite early Flint Rap release.  This was during the end of the Afrocentric era in rap, so I really got into their mixture of racial/political/street lyrics.  But most importantly, I really liked how they used a gazillion samples.  Plus, a lot of the songs had super dope cuts & scratches.  And I think a lot of that is owed to Flash Technology, who contributed a lot to this album.  (Flash Technology did some production and all of the cuts & scratches on MC Breed’s early songs, which I really like also.)

A few years ago, Beezy posted a couple of songs from the Po Broke Souls tape on his now-defunct Flint Rap website.  After he did that, rap blogs started posting those songs on their sites, with tons of peeps asking them for the rest of the album.  But since they snatched it from Beezy (who got the cassette from me), no one ever put up the full length cassette.  Until now…  So, here you go, you thankless bastards!

P.C.P. – The Future / Thru The Eyes Of A Nigga

And finally, P.C.P.  This is another group that we didn’t have time for on the first Flint Episode.  P.C.P. put out a 12″ single in 1990 under the name Prison City Posse, and then they put out the cassette “Thru The Eyes Of A Nigga” in 1992 under the name Prison City Productions.  I have included both releases in the Zip file.  I remember hearing “The Future” on the radio a lot back in 1990, especially on The Boogie’s “Saturday Night Fresh” mix show on 107.1FM in Saginaw.  I was really impressed by their usage of samples on this song, especially for something that was recorded in Flint.  And I also liked their “Thru The Eyes Of A Nigga” cassette, mostly because of their heavy usage of samples.

But seeing as how they’re called Prison City Posse/Productions, it is clear that they are not from Flint.  For those who don’t know, Prison City is a nickname for Jackson, Michigan (which is 1.5 hours south west of Flint).  And in some of their songs, and in the credits on the inside of the cassette cover, P.C.P. shouts out Jackson.  But I still consider them a Flint group.  They recorded in Flint, and they had connections with groups in Flint, especially Po Broke Souls.  P.C.P. appeared on the Po Broke Souls cassette on the song “The Eulogy”.  And Hurricane Dewaun of the Po Broke Souls appeared on the P.C.P. cassette on the song “Bitches Love A Gangsta”.

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5 Responses to Kevin’s Flint Episode Extras

  1. mondarell ross says:

    There is an original flint r & b group that never made it big but they did release a song on the radio, they were called de’orr, the song was “back door” they should featured in your project

  2. justinsweeks says:

    We actually have that 12″ and it did get played, but we cut if for time.

    But yeah, good suggestion.


  3. Kevin says:

    Mondarell, thanks for listening! To be honest, we had so much stuff that got cut from the 1st Flint podcast.

    We already knew that we were going to play “Oh Sheila” at the start, and that sort of filled our early/mid-80s R&B quota for the podcast. Plus, we didn’t really want to alienate everyone with a ton of lesser-known songs on the 1st Flint podcast, so we all decided to go with the Ready For The World song.

    Yeah, we’ll save the alienating for the 2nd & 3rd Flint podcasts (if we ever do a third one).

  4. Mondarell Ross says:

    did de’orr record anything else that you know of. I lost contact with them.

  5. On of the men in PCP is my father. His name is Bernard. Even though he was never there for me, i hate to say i love his music. I just was born with a love for true hip hop.

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