My First Record was Reviewed in Maximum RocknRoll!


When I released my first record in July I was excited.  It was in honor of my 30th birthday and featured bands that are friends of mine who also put out awesome songs.   I called it July 7″ 2009 because that is a great title.  I came up with it all by myself because I am a genius.  200 of these little buggers were pressed and I have been giving them away to friends and the bands that contributed songs to it.  Here is the track list, click on the tracks to take a listen or right click to download them!


Religious SS Disorder- I’m Not Waving (My housemates Ryan and Claire’s hardcore punk band)

Party Favorites- Valentine Ave. (Awesome GR punk rock with my friend Kolin Smith on guitar)


Cains & Abels- Run, Run, Run (My friends’ indie rock band from Chicago.  This track is a rough a cappella with just David Sampson)

4D- Crashing Planes (My now on-hiatus noise band with Kolin Smith)

I am immensely proud of this record and the packaging which I designed.  It was a lot of fun to put out and a great way to ring in my 30’s.  Also, since it was a seriously egocentric project to begin with I felt no shame in including a poster that outlines (roughly) the development of my musical tastes.


So my birthday came and went.  The party was awesome, all four bands played and I gave away a bunch of records.  A few weeks later I found out that Ryan (from Religious SS) sent copies to the indie/punk zines Razorcake and Maximum RocknRoll.  That’s the kind of thing that you do when you release a record but it never crossed my mind.  I guess I had more modest aspirations for it.  Knowing that copies might be looked at by zines was pretty exciting but I figured the chances of an actual review were slim.

Until three weeks ago.



Maximum RocknRoll (MRR) is one of the longest running and most reputable punk zines in existence.  The review is neither distinctly positive or negative (more like “interesting”) but however you cut it, July 7″ 2009, the first record released on my first record label 77 Records was reviewed in MRR!  I haven’t seen the new Razorcake but if it’s reviewed there you better believe I’ll post about it.

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3 Responses to My First Record was Reviewed in Maximum RocknRoll!

  1. outobol says:

    Sweet, put out another record dude!

  2. Kevin says:

    I saw “The Queer Issue” and immediately thought, “great, Matt’s first record and it gets reviewed in the queer issue…”

    The critic makes it sound like the record never would’ve gotten reviewed if it wasn’t for the cool concept and design. He/she was more interested in the packaging (i.e., the fold-out poster with Matt’s musical influences) than in any of the four songs on the record. It is my impression that the reviewer didn’t like any of the songs.

    But yeah, take it all with a grain of salt. Like you said, “hey, it got reviewed!!!” I always hated reading reviews of the shiit that I worked on or put out. Even when it was a positive review, the critic always would comment on things that were not crux of the song/mix. It’s like they didn’t really listen to the song/mix and they totally missed the point… but they still gave it a positive review. I guess that it falls back to my ego–what I think are the most impressive aspects of a song/mix are not the same for other listeners.

    I think that for your next record, however, you’ll either need to come up with “better” songs, or come up with another super cool concept/design/packaging idea, or both!

  3. HubertGAM says:

    Man these days, cool packaging is key if you’re going to sell pieces of plastic. I don’t even care to consider paying for something that looks like any old regular CD or vinyl release.

    Congrats though, Matt. If you have any more copies, I’d like to cop one [or two].

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