Punks (sic) Not Dead


Here is an idea for a last minute Halloween costume: the hopelessly oblivious douche-nozzle.  All you need is this shirt.  Add some factory-distressed jeans if you want to add another layer of realism.

For those wearing either of these shirts without even the vaguest hint of irony, a few observations:

1. What does this shirt have to do with punk/ what does ANYONE who wears this shirt know about punk?  (Well, they all have mohawks…)  I hope a hopped-up crust punk or ripped straight-edge jock sees you wearing this shirt while walking home from Monte’s.  I’m sure you will have a nice conversation about all the 7″s you are into right now and how awesome it was to see Los Crudos in a Chicago basement back in ’95.

2. Isn’t “Punks” being used in this manner a contraction of “Punk” and “is?”  Wouldn’t (a contraction of “would” and “not”) that make “Punk’s” the correct spelling you Jagermeister swilling idiot?

3. Punk isn’t dead, so I guess you’re good on that front.

4. Ed Hardy is still the worst.

5. If you are still set on wearing Ed Hardy shit maybe stick to the other designs that don’t make statements you have no ability to defend.  Like the guy on the right.

Have a scary Halloween!

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