Happy Halloween Everyone. Today we are bringing you some last minute Halloween goodness.

#1 “The Halloween Mix” by Avi Shack.  He’s the owner of the Beat Street record store in Vancouver, Canada, and he has had his own radio show on CITR 101.9FM for 13+ years.

Get the mix here


2: Misfits – Halloween

You remember that AFI track I played called ” Halloween”? It is actually a Misfits cover. Proving that Local DJ is not actually punk rock at all.


3: ICP Hallowicked Clown Show Video from 1995.

Check the detail to the stage show. This is also  the show i was talking about where the dead people sat there the entire show and then got up at the end. Just watch the first 6 minutes. after that it is just video of people leaving the venue.

after the jump, peep the tracklist for the halloween mix.


Michael Jackson Vincent Price Intro
ACDC- Hells Bells
Automator- Music to Be Murdered By
Gregory D and Mannie Fresh- Freddie
Run DMC- Ghostbusters
Krushin MCs- Nightmare on My Street
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Theme
Outkast Draculas Wedding
Whodini- Freaks Come Out At Night
ETs Boogie
NWA- Panic Zone
Devils- Excorcist
Jimmy Castor- Dracula
Fat Boys- Are You Ready For Freddie
Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince- Nightmare on My Street
Commodore 64- Ghostbusters
Goblin- Susperia
John Carpenters Halloween
MC ADE- How Much Can You Take
MC ADE- Nightmare
Edgar Winter- Frankenstein 1984
Kid Koala- Tricks and Treats
Wu Tang Clan- Hollow Bones
Mobb Deep- Quiet Storm
Lucifer- Black Mass
Whodini- Hauted house of Rock – Vocoder Version
Gregory D and Mannie Fresh- Monster Boogie
Imperial Attack
Luke Confronts Darth
Michael Jackson- Thriller
Rockwell- Somebodys Watchin Me
Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde- Transformation
Kartoon Krew- Inspector Gadget
Henry Mancini- Pink Panther Theme
Adams Family
Devil McDoom- Cafone Going
RJD2- The Horror
Wendy Carlos- Rocky Mountains (the shining)
Gravediggaz- Mommy Whats a Gravedigga remix
Gravediggaz- Diary of a Madman
James Bond
Mission Impossible
Enter the Dragon
Streets of San Francisco


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