1st Birthday Podcast Tracklist and Extras


It’s our birthday and we’ll do what we want.

That was the impetus to play 10 minute doom metal jams mixed in with filthy horror-rap, repetitive minimal art music and a little queer rap too.  Here’s the tracklist and after the jump some videos and a super uplifting documentary about kids singing pop songs.  It’s the least we can do after we played Cunt Renaissance.  Oh man…

The Tracklist:

Depeche Mode- New Dress

R.A. The Rugged Man and Notorious B.I.G.- Cunt Rennaisance

Electric Wizard- Dopethrone

Athens Boys Choir- Fagette

Cage- Agent Orange

Philip Glass- Floe

Esham- Crewzin’ Down 7 Mile

Ex Models- That’s Funny I Don’t Feel Like a Shithead

Chance Jones-My Machine

Langley Schools Music Project- Space Oddity

Ganksta Nip- Horror Movie Rap






Beezy has played a whole bunch of RA tracks on the podcast for good reason, he’s the illest (just ask Biggie).  He is so ill he even when he got mixed up with the WWF (sorry, WWE) he killed it.  I just found this track he did for pro wrestler Chris Jericho that sounds like a bonus track from the Judgement Night soundtrack.  Damn.

Oh, and you have to check out Chris Jericho’s super retro website.  Apparently, he loved the way shit looked back in 1998.



Apparently Electric Wizard is not so into how long their songs are since they cut a whole 3 minutes off the album version of Dopethrone in this video.



So I did a little research into this dude and found out that he is too much for you to handle.  Not only is he a talented indie-pop rapper who is queer in the Deep South (not an easy life I’m sure) he also started his life as a she.  Check out this video for a little behind the scenes action.


Also, the video for Fagette is awesome and witty for indie rap (which I usually have very little patience for)  I would go see him at the DAAC for sure (anything in the works George?  It seems like a show you’d book…)



Wow, I had never seen the story behind the release of this music.  Why hasn’t this been optioned for a movie yet?  Seriously, I wish this guy was my music teacher in 4th grade.  Unlike Justin, I AM going to end my post on this note, it’s just too beautiful to sully with a Ganksta Nip video or something.

God, I’m going to cry…

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