Nirvana- 1989

My life with Nirvana started in 1991 or 1992.  Probably 1992.  Either way I was in 7th grade and just starting to define my musical tastes.  Finding Nirvana (as well as Metallica and Megadeth) sparked my love of music that has continued to this day and this blog.

Back then, however, I was not so thorough when it came to bands I liked.  I did go back and buy all the Metallica albums that came before the Black Album (including Garage Days Re-Revisited of course) but for some reason I skipped out on Bleach by Nirvana.  Until about two weeks ago.

Strangely, it is exactly the kind of music I am digging now: metal-influenced-sludgy-punk with some guts behind it.  17 years after I started seriously listening to music I am right back where I started in way (although I am listening to MUCH more music now, in more styles and am much more thorough.)

Check out this video of Nirvana in Austria in 1989 for a bit of the raw urgency the band had when it started.  The songs were still full of late-era Black Flag and Melvins heaviness with one of the richer voices to come out of the late 80’s punk scene.  After that is some video footage of the band on tour in 1989.  Sleeping on floors like a real punk band (a difficult to believe) 20 years ago.

(Head to Youtube to watch all 13 parts)

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One Response to Nirvana- 1989

  1. Anthony says:

    Everybody in GRPS gets to go on an 8th grade trip to Cedar Point. I was too cool/genuinely uninterested in rollercoasters, so after I used up all my quarters at the arcade, I started listening to a tape of nevermind I had borrowed from a girl in my class. This was probably the first time I ever listened to rock on headphones. Also, what a sad and emo image- a kid walking around an amusement park, sulking, not riding rides and listening to grunge rock. I did totally fall in love with the album that day though.

    A few years later, when the Turntable Lab was just a young website with about 10-15 pages of records for sale, they posted a reissue of Bleach and I couldn’t believe how good it was! A bunch of years later, Bleach is the only Nirvana album I still have.

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