PS22 Chorus

In the 1 Year Anniversary podcast, we played a song from the Langely Schools Music Project that was recorded in 1976-1977.  And Local DJ followed up with an awesome 3-part documentary about this project in the 1 Year Anniversary Tracklist & Extras post.

Awhile ago, I came across a similar project: Staten Island’s PS22 Chorus!  Check out their videos after the jump.

Here’s the kids doing Bjork’s “Joga”.  What’s so amazing about this is that they only learned this song the day before.  They only went over it once, rehearsed it in one sitting, came back to school the next day, and recorded this:

Here’s them doing The White Stripes’ “We’re Going To Be Friends”.  The song is so perfect for a kid’s chorus:

Here’s Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”.  You can tell that they are really having a lot of fun doing this one:

PS22 recently sang with Common for President Obama and the first family at the 2009 National Tree Lighting.

They also sang for Beyonce & Lady Gaga.  You guys really have to watch this one all the way through…  Especially at the 5:36 mark, where you see the kids getting the news for the first time that they’ll be singing for Beyonce:

Lastly, I had an “oh schitt!” moment when I realized that THESE are the kids who did the background vocals on all of the Passion Pit songs.  I’m a huge fan of Passion Pit.  You may have heard their song “Sleepyhead” before, and I put a remix of “The Reeling” on my Sandcastles mix.  Anyway… I’ve always wondered where music groups like this find kids to sing background vocals on their songs?  Well, after learning about PS22, I guess that you find them at middle schools like this!

Click here for pictures and a thorough write-up of the kids’ day in the recording studio with Passion Pit, and click here for video footage of the recording session.  You may recognize one of the songs that the kids are singing for (in the video footage).  The song is “Little Secrets” and BBC Radio 1 has been playing it a lot lately (on Annie Mac’s show, Zane Lowe’s show, Pete Tong’s show, Rob Da Bank’s show, etc.)

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