2009 is Bonus/ 2010 will be Awesome

We are back podcasting for 2010!  It feels great to be in the game again and our 2009 in Review podcast turned out great.   Seriously, I feel like a giant floating fetus about to be born into space right near a planet made of swirly fimo.

While I sort these feelings out check the tracklist for episode #32 and some bonus shit.  Enjoy!

(BEEZY) Boys Noize- Starter

(LOCAL DJ) Major Lazer- Hold the Line (DZ Remix)

(BEEZY) St. Vincent- Marrow

(LOCAL DJ) Arcade Fire- Intervention

(BEEZY) Dodos- This is a Business

(LOCAL DJ) X- Poor Girl

(KEVIN) Elan Tamara- Oranges

(BEEZY) DJ Quik and Kurupt- Jupiter’s Critic and the Mind of Mars

(LOCAL DJ) Pekinska Patka- Biti Ruzan, Pametan i Mlad

Boyz Noise.  I’m not such a huge fan of the video but the track has moments of Daft Punk, Justice and early Chemical Brothers.  We can always use more of that.

A Jamaican Commando who lost his arm in the Zombie War of 1984?  This could have been the greatest cartoon of my childhood.  Tranformers didn’t have zombies.  Or Vampires.  Or this soundtrack.  (It did however have this.)

St. Vincent is creeping into my brain more and more with this track.  It doesn’t help that she is so freaking cute with a beautiful voice and killer production.  Damn it.

Pekinska Patka is huge in the former Yugoslavia apparently.  I am not surprised and if anything it is great to see such support for such a great punk band.

Keep checking back with us here at Hello Friends in 2010, we’ll keep it interesting for you, promise.

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