Casual- Lose in the End

I definitely have a teensie tiny fraction of the Hip Hop knowledge of Beezy and Kevin but there are a few groups and tracks that I know.  I recently rediscovered Casual after nearly a decade and it’s bringing me back.  Specifically to a cassette Hip Hop mix I made from my brother’s CDs that I listened to ALL THE TIME around 2000-2001.  The track “Lose in the End” was on that mix.  When I played the video for that track  just a minute ago I pictured myself cruising around GR in my 88 Buick Century with the windows down and the stereo up.  What a great big white nerd I was (am).
Oh, and I am also posting a video for Me-O-Mi-O, a track I like and I think was one of the more popular cuts?  I’m sure Kev and Beezy will set us all straight…

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One Response to Casual- Lose in the End

  1. justinsweeks says:

    To me the standouts on that album are “Thats how it is” and “thats bullshit”


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