Yes, This Is Real

The dude above is Leon Botha, visual artist and DJ.  He is from South Africa, Capetown to be exact, and in case you are wondering, his condition is called Progeria.

Leon has had his artwork displayed in numerous exhibits throughout South Africa.  See pictures of his artwork and press/media coverage.

I saw the above clip a couple months ago, but thought that it was just some Q-Bert & Yoga Frog ha ha jokey-smirk video.  (I wouldn’t put it past Q-Bert to do something like that.)  It wasn’t until Matt’s post below that I finally realized that, “yes, this is real”, and decided to look into this further…

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2 Responses to Yes, This Is Real

  1. justinsweeks says:

    but are we sure that they are not goofing around? the dude said things like “that guy has a pc computer and make hot tracks” and “look at me now I am on the interwebs”.

  2. Kevin says:

    Yeah, it might be a gimmick… to play up how weird and out-of-touch they actually look in real life. I wonder how far the joke is going to take them?

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