Brotha Lynch Hung – Meat

I haven’t listened to Brotha Lynch Hung since like ’95. But damn, I gotta say this video and track are dope.


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One Response to Brotha Lynch Hung – Meat

  1. Kevin says:

    Over the years, I’ve liked some rap like this, but hated on 95% of it. By 1992, I got so sick of hearing the same ol’ same gangsta, ghetto/street life, money, selling crack/cocaine, hustlin’, pimpin’, women bullshit. A million copycat rappers, and none of them are saying a goddamn thing that I haven’t heard before! It’s like reading the same damn book a million times… BORING!

    But this song/video is different. It isn’t your typical ghetto/street life glory story or sob story. For years, I’ve felt that the best gangsta rap song was BDP’s “Love’s Gonna Get’cha”. BDP’s song/video is similar to the Brotha Lynch Hung video. Both concisely and convincingly depict the “who/what/where” and especially the “why”.

    Here’s the video of Boogie Down Productions “Love’s Gonna Get’cha”. The video is not as good, but the story that is told in the song is done in such a way that you almost don’t need a video or visual imagery to clearly understand what is going on.

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