Episode# 34 MICHIGAN IS BLEEDING #1: A Michigan Punk Compilation

Beezy will probably go deaf before he listens to this mix of bristling, pissed-off Michigan punk songs.  For the rest of you this is just a taste of the fury that was put to wax by Michigan bands during the earliest years of punk straight through the 80’s.

It would cost you a small fortune to own all these records, but this mix is free.  FREE!

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Tracklist after the jump!


The Insults (Spring Lake)- I Carry a Badge (1985)

The Fix (Lansing)- Vengeance (1980)

The Meatmen (Lansing)- Meatmen Stomp (1983)

Laughing Hyenas (Detroit)- Love’s My Only Crime (1989)

Born Without a Face (Grand Rapids)- Undertow (1986)

McDonalds (Detroit)- Miniature Golf (1981)

Angry Red Planet (Detroit)- Make Me Laugh (1989)

The Fix (Lansing)- In This Town (1980)

The Insults (Spring Lake)- Your a Dick (sic) (1985)

L Seven (Detroit)- Secrets (1982)

Zyklon (Grand Rapids)- Gary, IN (1981)

Boom and the Legion of Doom (Detroit)- Not Enough Food (1986)

Feisty Cadavers (Detroit)- He Knows (?)

Almighty Lumberjacks of Death (Detroit)- Voices of the Dead (1989)

Born Without a Face (Grand Rapids)- Crawl (1986)

The Latin Dogs (Battle Creek)- What’s Wrong (1982)

The 27 (Detroit)- Catastrophe (1978)

The Crucifucks (Lansing)- Democracy Spawns Bad Taste (1984)

G.C.M.S. (?)- Burnout (?)

Destroy All Monsters (Detroit)- You’re Gonna Die (1978)

Abuse (?)- (I Wanna Be A) Cheerleader (1985)

Violent Apathy (Kalamazoo)- Real World (1981)

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7 Responses to Episode# 34 MICHIGAN IS BLEEDING #1: A Michigan Punk Compilation

  1. Tony Party says:

    Best podcast I have EVER heard! I can’t wait for # 2.

  2. outobol says:

    This mix is sweet

  3. Kevin says:

    I’m a novice when it comes to punk/hardcore. I only started scratching the surface a couple of years ago. But I’m still struggling with the more “noise music”/hardcore stuff… I actually liked most of the songs on the mix. The ones that I couldn’t get into were:

    Laughing Hyenas – Love’s My Only Crime
    Born Without a Face – Undertow
    Born Without a Face – Crawl
    The Latin Dogs – What’s Wrong

  4. That’s a shame you couldn’t get into the Born Without a Face stuff, it rules! I am a big fan, partially because they are from GR, but mostly because they have the heaviest, meanest sounding metal influenced hardcore I have heard. Maybe it is that metal heaviness getting in the way for you?

  5. Kevin says:

    Yeah, it’s the death/thrash/speed metal stuff that I don’t think I’ll EVER be able to get into. I’ve never been able to listen to any of that stuff. It all just sounds like this:

  6. justinsweeks says:

    yo kev! that is what i think as well. damn that rooster is bad ass.

  7. Have you seen the Grindcore Baby?

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