Episode # 36 – Flying Without Wingz

This week Beezy sits down with Grand Rapids electronic hip hop duo, Flying Without Wingz. They introduce themselves, talk about their music, their influences, and fashion. It’s not anymore difficult than that.

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5 Responses to Episode # 36 – Flying Without Wingz

  1. irawniq says:

    Thanks for the support and love. We appreciate you mucha!

  2. justinsweeks says:

    Thank you, it was a great episode that has already received many downloads.

    See you at the show.


  3. Kevin says:

    This was a great episode! I didn’t know anything about you guys before this. I checked out your other songs on http://www.myspace.com/fw2music. I liked “Scream It Louder”, and I think it is just ‘screaming’ for a dubstep remix. I also like the early 90s ravey keyboard blips in “Turn On Your TV”. “Crazy” is on some Outkast ‘Hey Ya’ tip, but I think that the drums on “Crazy” need to be beefed up a little more… the drums sound a little thin, like they’re missing/lacking something.

    My favorite song of yours is “Maybe” because of the lush keys and balearic vibe–this is more my type of thing. I hope that you guys continue to make songs, improve/grow, and have fun!

    On the podcast, Beezy mentioned a mix that I did. You can check it out and download it here:

  4. outobol says:

    Cool show.

    I was DJing before you guys at the Heartside Halloween Bash. You killed Rappin on the Rapid. Just got the record off itunes.

    What happened to Beezy the great hater of Grand Rapids Hip Hop?

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