7 inch radio Vol 1

Well, I am at it again, making more work for myself. But hey, I really enjoy music.

After getting lots of positive feedback from my show on WYCE where I played nothing but 45’s, I started toying with the idea of doing a semi-regular show where I played nothing but music from my favorite format; the 7 inch record. After finally finding the time I present to you 7 Inch radio. While I am not sure the direction this show will take, I do envision it being a monthly show where I play 45’s for a half hour. So, I hope you enjoy the inaugural volume of 7 inch Radio

Download Episode here or subscribe to Hello Friends Podcast, 7 inch radio, and all other DJ mixes we make available, all through one feed.


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3 Responses to 7 inch radio Vol 1

  1. outobol says:

    I have been loving that Third Man stuff, especially Dan Sartain

    I’m getting this 7′ in the mail this week.


  2. justinsweeks says:

    yeah, i got the atheist funeral jawn. Good stuff. He is a weird looking dude.

    Vertigo sells some of the third man blue series. They have Mildred and the mice and Rachelle Garniez up there.

  3. Local DJ says:

    Dude this is such a great idea! I wasn’t so crazy about all the tracks (I guess since I have heard a bunch already) but it was a fun listen all together.

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