We All Want to Touch a Rainbow

The past week I have been hanging out with my new friend Trash from the punk band Condenada who is visiting from San Francisco.  We have been bonding over our love of craft beer, records, good food and awful metal.   On a trip to Corner Record Shop this week she picked up a VHS tape from 1986 that documents the making of a benefit album featuring the biggest names in shrill cock-metal; a tape I had never seen but now can never forget.  And now neither can you.

Presenting: We Are All Stars: Hear n’ Aid.

This was the hard rock/ hair metal community’s response to Live Aid with the intended goal of filling the bellies of African children (at least that’s what I gathered from the interviews.)   “But,” you say “this is surely a huge joke, right?”  Nope.  It is real and very serious.  As Ronnie James Dio says to Don Dokken, “The idea of the song is pretty aggressive because it’s a pretty awful thing we are dealing with.”  Well said Dio, well said.

The video is broken up into sections documenting the performers featured.  There are two drummers, 11 guitarists and 15 singers included in the footage.  Not one heavy metal bassist?  Apparently they are not stars.

It’s a great thing that this song came out when it did because without it we would still have starving people in Africa.  Thanks cock-rock!

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