Episode #39 – Summer Recommendations

In this episode Beezy and Local Dj got together to bring you some summer food and music recommendations, and just some other music you should be listening to.You don’t want to miss the recommendations, because there is a potato chip that you might not know about that will change your life.

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4 Responses to Episode #39 – Summer Recommendations

  1. djmistersquid says:

    Man, you guys love that Sleigh Bells. I like that Crown On The Ground but am not really feeling the record.

    But here is a jam that is summertime and blown out.

    This one was a summertime jam for me back in the 90’s and has a blown out sound.

  2. That Blue Cheer video is rad. I never thought I’d like them but no I am seriously intrigued.

    I love that Brainiac track, I just wish that whole album rocked that hard. (The weirdness is sometimes a little to weird for me on that one.)

  3. Kevin says:

    There was a lot of funny shiit and witty banter going on in this podcast!!! Chips and old video games.

    Gilles Peterson has been playing the hell out of that Janelle Monae album. I only like a handful of songs on The ArchAndroid, though. My favorites are “Faster” (a mix of Motown and Afrobeat) and “57821” (super good folk song).

    I agree with what you guys are saying about all of the R&B bullshiit… Men, relationships, look how pretty I am, getting treated badly, etc. Boring!
    [audio src="http://www.jahozafat.com/0059305935/MP3S/TV_Shows/Simpsons/boring.mp3" /]

    Yeah, I’m with Beezy on the Club Kidz b-more stuff. That Kidz Bop shiit is one step away from terrible. Take away the children’s overdub, and you have garbage. But there’s no stopping peer influence… once Thaden gets out of the nest and in the school mix with all of the other kids, Beezy’s influence will begin to wane/fade.

    Like Mr. Squid, I’m having trouble getting into the Sleigh Bells stuff. I never really liked that distorted-vocals stuff. And even distorted music bothers me. Never got into the Beastie Boys blew out vocal stuff, the Atari Teenage Riot stuff, etc.

    I liked OTO “Anyway” a lot. Never heard it before. Good stuff.

    And funny that you mentioned Serge Gainsbourg’s “Bonnie And Clyde”, because that is on my next Let’s Get Together mix (that I will be putting up before the year’s end).

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