Diane Charlemagne

While Tubing this modern soul classic (in England, they call it rare groove), I came across another song from 52nd Street (that was released on the legendary Factory Records in 1984):

But what didn’t make sense was that there was a video of a live performance near the top of the ‘related videos’ in the column to the right.  Why was it there… What was the connection??

Well, come to find out… the lead singer of 52nd Street at that time, Diane Charlemagne, later went on to record the greatest Drum & Bass song ever for Goldie in 1995:

Not only that, but Diane Charlemagne also did the vocals on a couple of Goldie’s earlier classics, like this one from 1992:

And this one from 1993:

What’s weird is that as Diane Charlemagne was doing old skool hardcore classics for Goldie, she was also a member of the UK Top 10 Hit group Urban Cookie Collective… And it’s hard for me to understand how she could work with Goldie’s gangsta ass and do absolutely terrible shiit like this at the same time:

But get this, Diane Charlemagne also provided the vocals on a more recent Drum & Bass classic…  She was the singer on High Contrast’s “If We Ever” (which I included on my Best of Drum & Bass 2008 mix):

I’ll leave you with another modern soul/rare groove song from 52nd Street that Diane Charlemagne sang on.  This one is from 1985, and I know that the intro was sampled for a Drum & Bass song, but I just can’t remember what it was!  Damn it, I hate when this happens… now it’s going to bug me until I can figure it out!!

p.s.  Beezy has a unique link to Metalheads.  You’ll have to ask him about it sometime…

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2 Responses to Diane Charlemagne

  1. Thanks for the heads up on 52nd Street, I thought I knew all the early Factory records I want to find, but now the list just got longer!

  2. Macca says:

    Not forgetting the amazing work on this Satoshi Tomiie Full Lick album in particular, Inspired (feat. Diane Charlemange). 52nd street were amazing I have all their vinyl.

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