The early-to-bed fuck-up, a date with Denny’s and a perfect love song

So I got home from working a double shift yesterday and crashed out around 7pm. When I woke up at 3am I knew I fucked up, my schedule was doomed to be screwed, I couldn’t get back to sleep.  What to do?  I could finish “Be My Baby” – the autobiography of Ronnie Spector I was 30 pages away from finishing – that sounded good.  But I wanted coffee.  And pancakes.  That equals a date with Denny’s.

I spent about 3 hours there, finished “Be My Baby” ate my pancakes, drank my coffee and started a new book, “Let it Blurt” the bio of Lester Bangs by Jim DeRogatis (it’s great, by-the-way).  I was in my own space, immersed in the terrible, freaked-out yet transcendent world of America’s greatest rock critic when something broke through.  Trickling thinly through the small, dotted loudspeakers in the ceiling came, “my heart is beating like a jungle drum! Ta dug da dug dug a dug a dug dug…”

Is it a reborn Nancy Sinatra?  Is it.. what the heck is it?  2 years ago I would have been doomed to remembering the chorus and then googling it when I got home.  10 years ago maybe I wouldn’t have ever found out who it was “dug a dug dugging.”  But it’s 2010 so I hoisted my G1 smart phone in the air and hit tag on Shazam.  A few seconds later “Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum” was the answer I’d been looking for.

I got home and downloaded it.  Wow.  The track is even better with the little electronic flourishes I couldn’t make out on the shitty Denny’s soundsystem.  And the video is whimsical and sexy.  You’re in love Emiliani Torrini?  Well, so am I.

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One Response to The early-to-bed fuck-up, a date with Denny’s and a perfect love song

  1. justinsweeks says:

    diggin this.

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