I’m in my own world (yeah yeah, now check the method)

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My old homie Tomas had a birthday party at The Loft in Flint a couple of weeks ago, and he dragged my sorry ass out of DJ retirement for one night-only.  I’ve been reclusive and out of the scene for awhile now, so this was sort of like a weird high school reunion for me.

One question that I got asked a lot was, “What are you into nowadays–what are you listening to?”  Well, I found this kind of hard to answer, and I have been struggling with this question a lot as of lately.  Typically, people who ask me this question don’t know anything about the types of music that I now listen to, which makes it difficult…  It’s like I’m in my own world or something.

So what I wanted to do here is post a bunch of songs that best represent what I’m into nowadays.  Of course, I listen to a lot of other genres/styles of music, but these are the main ones…  Songs galore after the jump!

So what do I listen to?

I listen to a lot of Drum & Bass stuff like this:
Medicin – Mobius Strip (Tantrum Desire Remix)

And a lot of Liquid Funk D&B stuff like this:
Drumagick featuring Ernesto – Dry Your Eyes

And I’ve been coming up on more and more Drumstep (half the tempo of Drum & Bass):
Rusko featuring Amber Coffman – Hold On (Sub Focus Remix)

And I still come across the occasional ill ass Dubstep banger:
Doctor P – Sweet Shop

I listen to a lot of Nu Disco/House stuff:
Fake Blood – I Think I Like It

And some Electronic Hip Hop:
Zinc featuring Ms. Dynamite – Wile Out

I also listen to a lot of Electro House remixes of indie rock/pop songs:
Fenech-Soler – Lies (Alex Metric Remix)

Beezy: Hey Kevin, do you wanna know how I know that you’re gay?
Kevin: How…?
Beezy: You like to listen to Electro Pop:
M83 – Kim & Jessie (Montag Remix)

I also listen to some minimal electronic dance stuff that is sort of hard to categorize…  What would you call this?  House?  Dubstep?:
James Blake – CMYK

And of course, I’m still pumpin’ a ton of old school Hip Hop:
MC Shan – Marley Marl Scratch

And a lot of 80’s Reggae songs (that were later sampled by Hip Hop and Jungle/D&B artists):
Dirtsman – Hot This Year

But I still try to check for Rare Funk stuff from the 70’s:
Water Color – All Bundled Into One

And Rare Groove stuff like this:
Leo’s Sunshipp – I’m Back For More (Mini-Tro)

Most importantly, though… is that I listen to three radio shows every week to stay up on all of the latest jams, and they’re all on BBC Radio 1:

Fabio & Grooverider’s Drum & Bass show

Annie Mac’s Mash Up show

Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show

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One Response to I’m in my own world (yeah yeah, now check the method)

  1. justinsweeks says:

    Gilles peterson plays that CMYK track all the time. shit is bangin.

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