The illest kid on the net

Heard about this from Grooverider.  He mentioned it during his previous show.  This has got to be the illest kid on the net!

The dad writes, “Not to worry.. the music was not too loud.. i have super imposed a small fraction of the original audio back into the file… the car isn’t fitted with any big audio systems or anything it’s just a standard car system… (two door panel speakers) with the airbags TURNED OFF!!!!! also the term “RAVER” is used lightly because of the way he is dancing.. this does not mean we are pushing him into any walk of life.. and just one last one.. i have had people saying he’s not dancing he’s having a seizure??? eerrm ok.. please check the fred dancing to dubstep video.. you can clearly see this is how he dances all the time to this music… thank you :)”

The dad is affiliated with the Drumstep group Dub Foundation:

You can hear Grooverider talkin’ at the beginning of this next Dub Foundation track (i.e., it’s a radio rip).  Groove always gets songs 5-6 months before they’re actually released (lucky!).  I can’t wait for this one to finally come out!  SICK!!!!

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2 Responses to The illest kid on the net

  1. Matt says:

    So is Drumstep like half speed dubstep with 3/4 speed drum and bass behind it? So many genres, and mini-genres and micro-genres.

  2. Kevin says:

    Drumstep is half tempo Drum & Bass. Drumstep is around 86 BPM, and Drum & Bass is around 172.

    It’s the Drum & Bass answer to Dubstep.

    When you’re DJing, Dubstep is impossible to beat-match with Drum & Bass. Dubstep is around the 68/136BPM range, and Drum & Bass is around the 86/172BPM range. You typically don’t want to go any higher or lower than +/-8BPM when mixing songs, otherwise people will sense that something is off… So D&B producers started making tracks with a “Dubstep feel” that they could easily mix with D&B songs–hence the new Drumstep genre.

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