DiscFunktional Sundays

Every last Sunday of the month my man the Boogiman hosts an excellent funk and soul night down at the Founders Brewery

Boogiman was walking that line between neo soul, funk and disco at one point in the evening, which reminded me of the whole disco conversation. Last night he had a couple of guests who were super sweet

One was Aaron Anderson. Download his super dope mix at Jazzman Records. If you liked Beezy’s 7 inch Radio you really should get amongst this mix.

and Dreas who does some sweet down tempo production work in addition to bringing the funk.

So don’t sleep next month!

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One Response to DiscFunktional Sundays

  1. Kevin says:

    I finally listened to Aaron Anderson’s mix! It’s crazy that even after all of these years (and with all of the rare funk/soul compilations that have come out over the last 10 or so years), there’s still a ton of shiit that I’ve never heard before!! And Aaron’s mix is a perfect example of this… I’ve never heard any of the songs in his mix. Dope stuff!!

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