Gozza-“Here Comes Trouble” album review

The Artful Dodgers (at the core are MCs B-Gozza and Jackpot)  have been very actively involved in Michigan hip hop for over 20 years, putting out cassette singles, rocking shows, releasing albums, vinyl singles, producing short films, collaborating with other artists, producing beats, and rocking shows.

This time around Gozza has stepped out to bring the first official solo release from the pair, and it does not disappoint. While their past albums were good, they have suffered from too many tracks, and at times, a lack of focus. To be honest, that is what I expected with “Here Comes Trouble”.  But Gozza, while still maintaining the core Artfull Dodgers sound, advances his craft by injecting more of  a sense of self-reflection, and advanced lyricism all backed by deeper and more relevant samples.

Gozza also does not go overboard with the guests on this one, only 1/3rd of the tracks feature other MC’s, and they are all great MC’s (Brainstorm, Theory, Aslaam, etc..).

The production is banging, the rhymes are interesting, introspective and well developed, and this is a must purchase for anyone who is into Michigan Hip Hop.

Cd Can be purchased here

After the jump listen to some tracks, watch a video, and get a link to download the free mixtape “The Brady Bunch Mixtape”


Download “The Brady Bunch Mixtape”

Gozza – “Constant Madness”

Gozza Feat. Brainstorm – “Sho Nuff”

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One Response to Gozza-“Here Comes Trouble” album review

  1. Kevin says:

    Brainstorm’s verse on Sho Nuff is sooo unorthodox! You never know which words he’s going to rhyme, when he’s going to rhyme, or if he’s ever going to rhyme anything in his verse again… and then he surprises you with a rhyme (when you least expect it). It is so refreshing to hear Brainstorm rap again. Especially with such an usual style of rhyming! This is the type of “advanced lyricism” that I will NEVER get tired of hearing from Brainstorm!!!

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