Beezy’s Top 10 MC’s of All Time

1. Kool G Rap

2. Big Daddy Kane (watch Kane School Everyone)

3: LL Cool J

4: Q-Tip

5: RA The Rugged man

see the rest after the jump

6: Jay-Z

7: Notorious BIG

8: DJ Quick

9: Pharohe Monch

10: Scarface

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32 Responses to Beezy’s Top 10 MC’s of All Time

  1. djmistersquid says:

    It’s almost like a provocation not having Chuck D on this list but I guess you would throw him in the lyricist camp?

    All the MCs on this list are great but I just can’t understand LL at number 3? I think Guru, Ghostface, and KRS1 are better than LL. He’s a good MC and all but he never seems to be saying that much to me.

  2. beezy says:

    I based this mostly on two criteria; Consistency and maintaining and advancing skill over a long career. I just dont feel like chuck D falls into the top 10 there, but he comes close, maybe 10 or 11.

  3. nicolelarae says:


  4. justinsweeks says:

    Blackthought is a good call. He is up there, but ultimately not in my top 10 because the recordings he is on bore me.

  5. djmistersquid says:

    Under those criteria I would go Guru over LL.

  6. sarah sunshine says:

    where the ladies at??
    LL, for real?

  7. justinsweeks says:

    Sarah, you know I like the female MCs, but lets get real. A girl in the top 10? come on!

    -I am surprised that LL is the one everyone is freaking out about, I figured people would freak out about DJ Quik

  8. justinsweeks says:

    But, I stand behind my LL Cool J choice 100% Don’t Let his later pop jams fool ya, those albums still had flow.

  9. sarah sunshine says:

    at some point you and i should fist fight.

  10. justinsweeks says:

    or you could *try* to make a compelling case for a female mc who belongs in the top 10

  11. Kevin says:

    HELLO!?!?!!! Me Phi Me, anyone?!?!!! I can’t believe that you didn’t have Me Phi Me on your list! You’re fuucking crazy for not including him in your top 10…

  12. Jam says:

    You look better saying Ice Cube rather than DJ Quik… “I’m Bad” by LL definitely did a number for hip hop, but why Quik?

  13. justinsweeks says:

    I picked quick because I can listen to every album he has put out, I can’t say that for Ice Cube.

  14. ryangasser says:

    MCs right? What about Rakim (though his later stuff didn’t fully represent his ability), Aceyalone (advanced with the times), (any Freestyle Fellowship members), and CL Smooth (not a lot of output but wonderful when he blessed the mic).

    Since this about longevity and advancing with time, and is narrowed down to just 10, I won’t dig into the underground hip-hop that has plenty of MCs that shine above DJ Quik and many of the MCs on this list.

  15. justinsweeks says:

    Ryan, maybe it is true that there are probably underground MC’s that shine above Quik, but one of the requirements was that I actually listen to them.

    • ryangasser says:

      I understand. But what are your comments about Rakim, Aceyalone and CL Smooth?

      • justinsweeks says:

        If I was doing this list based on importance and historical contribution, etc… Rakim would be in the top 10. I have never understood why people like Aceyalone, and honestly, I have never really like anything he has done.

        CL Smooth is good, but I dont know what to think of him because of his records that he did without Pete Rock were pretty terrible.

  16. ryangasser says:

    I am interested in seeing Kevin’s top ten list now that we have seen Justin and DJ Mister Squid’s lists.

    • Kevin says:

      My list isn’t interesting. It’s pretty predictable… Dudes like Mikah 9, P.E.A.C.E., Self Jupiter, Spoon, Nga Fish, and Ellay Khule. Kool Keith. Percee P. My homie Brainstorm. Maybe Edan. You know, basically, any of the envelope pushers…

      • justinsweeks says:

        don’t post it here, put up a legit post with videos..

      • Kevin says:

        Kind of hard to do a legit post because there are really no good videos of these guys. Yeah, you can find videos of Kool Keith/Ultra and Edan, but their videos don’t do them any justice. And there really aren’t any videos for the other MCs that I listed–just a bunch of verses on songs and whatnot.

      • ryangasser says:

        Right on Kevin. I’m not familiar with Spoon, Nga Fish or Ellay Khule though. What do you think of Aceyalone, Siah & Yeshua, Lyrics Born, Supernatural, Zev Love X (aka MF Doom), Manchild and Gift of Gab?

      • justinsweeks says:

        quit making excuses Kevin! just do it.

  17. justinsweeks says:

    Kevin’s is next!

  18. ryangasser says:

    The Big Daddy Kane clip was off the hook. Thank you for posting it.

  19. Kevin says:

    Come to think of it, why didn’t Beezy include Buck65 in his top 10 list??

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