DJ Mister Squid’s Top Ten Favorite MCs

This is basically a list of my favorite MCs. I do believe that Kool G Rap is the most talented MC of all time but I would be a liar if I said I was in to his stuff half as much as ODB. I know Rakim and Nas are dope and have a huge impact on Hip Hop but this is just what I like most. Haters hate on my rankings but enjoy the videos.

1. Chuck D

No question for me at all on this one, Chuck D’s content is completely illuminating. His rhyme style is unique and fits perfectly with the message that his lyrics convey. His graphic design is super dope. I also love his philosophy of working with different people who have different views to achieve goals that benefit everybody, rather than being hung up on petty differences that exist between  religious and social views.  Chuck D changed my life.

2. Ice Cube

“Ice Cube writes the rhymes that I say”


I think that Ice Cube helped make a place in popular culture for a really raw honesty in Amerikkkan culture.

3. Immortal Technique

If you can’t tell, I really love political shit. Technique is so on point with being informed and active on social issues. He has helped build woman’s schools in Afghanistan,he runs his label, he puts his own money into various projects connected to social justice. He’s living it. Technique is also mad rude and provocative.

4. KRS1

KRS1 brought a lot to Hip Hop, he has the gift, he introduced a wild style and changed the game with a thoughtful prospective.

5. Shock-G

Yes, Shock-G from Digital Underground. A Chuck D type from the west coast with a more goofball approach but with a safe sex message that saved lives. Yes, I am including Humpty in with Shock-G. Shock-G developed two good and distinct rhymes styles.

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6. Guru

I think Guru was a real honest MC with a great voice and a thirst for experimentation.

7. Ghostface Killah

What I like about Ghostface Killah is that you need to listen a few times before you get what he’s saying. His verses are like a haiku.

8. Clipse

Yes I am cheating. Pusha T and Malice make up Clipse. Although their subject matter is limited their ability to create metaphors is astounding. They can have one sentence that means 3 things.

9. Old Dirty Bastard

ODB was a very gifted and creative man. His outrageous behavior shouldn’t take away from his artistic contribution to hip hop. He was a passionate and honest MC.

This is from his funeral

His music

10. Andre 3000

Real creative spirit and can flow. Another very honest MC and artist.

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5 Responses to DJ Mister Squid’s Top Ten Favorite MCs

  1. this list is on! love your thoughts about chuck d, very well said. krs one and (old) ice cube take my tiny list, too. very inspiring!

  2. djmistersquid says:

    Thanks Sarah, let’s see your list!

  3. oh christ, this is embarrassing. but i’ll do it.
    someone set me up, i’m ready.

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